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We had another perfect travel day. Blue sunny skies…a beautiful canvas of fall leaves for our eyes to see!!

This was our second time staying at this campground. Love it here!

Our site was across from the lake and with fall in full swing, we had a pretty good view. It was VERY chilly so our heat in the trailer got a good workout – LOL!!

Mikes sister and family live in the area so we spent most of our time with them.

Her birthday is on Halloween so it was the perfect reason to visit while on our way to our next destination.

We had a couple of yummy lunches together and took a morning walk in the woods – damn –burrrrr – it was COLD!!!!!!! Not a long stay but we enjoyed our time.

We’ll be back to enjoy a nice family home cooked Thanksgiving dinner….yeah!!!!


image0000001image0000001 IMG_4133IMG_4133 MJK_6553 MKMJK_6553 MK image000000image000000


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October 27 – 30 Chesterfield, Virginia – outside of Richmond https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/11/october-27-30-chesterfield-virginia-outside-of-richmond Pocahontas State Park

We had heard SO much about this park - a “must stay place” and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

What a gorgeous area!! We had a super nice site – the leaves were falling like crazy, and the weather was simply scrumptious our entire stay…..

Surprise!!! Who doesn’t like a surprise???

Turns out our daughter and her family were in Richmond for a little getaway, at the same time we were there.

Do you want to get together?

Well yeah!!!!

We didn’t spend much time at the park but it was well worth it.

We got to hang with the family – well part of it. We had lunches and dinners and tons of laughter.

We met them at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, which is beautiful.

They happened to be celebrating Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican Day Of the Dead. There

were vendors and people dressed up in their best celebration outfits…..

Our daughter in-law's parents live only 5 minutes from the park.

Who wants to get together at a local brewery on such a beautiful day??? We all do!!!!! And the perfect weekend

ended with a yummy dinner at a winery.

Do we like to eat and drink?? Hell yeah…………


IMG_4128IMG_4128 IMG_4120IMG_4120

IMG_4109IMG_4109 IMG_4124IMG_4124 botanical Garden (107) MKbotanical Garden (107) MK botanical Garden (539) MKbotanical Garden (539) MK IMG_4118IMG_4118 IMG_4125IMG_4125 MJK_5943 MKMJK_5943 MK MJK_6061 MKMJK_6061 MK MJK_5921 MKMJK_5921 MK botanical Garden (246) MKbotanical Garden (246) MK botanical Garden (458) MKbotanical Garden (458) MK image000000image000000

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October 26 – 27 Newburg, Maryland https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/11/october-26-27-newburg-maryland Aqualand Campground
This was a quick overnight stop to break up our mileage heading inland from the beach.
Privately owned – cheap – it did its job for a place to stay – LOL!
The drive was beautiful as the trees are changing and the leaves they are a fallin!!!. The
sunset was gorgeous and that’s about all there was to this trip…..


PXL_20231027_140134059PXL_20231027_140134059 IMG_4098IMG_4098 IMG_4104IMG_4104 IMG_4105IMG_4105 IMG_4102IMG_4102

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October 13 – 26 Rehoboth Beach, Delaware – Eastern Shore https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/11/october-13-26-rehoboth-beach-delaware-eastern-shore Delaware Seashore State Park

As we made our way farther north up the beautiful eastern shore of Virginia into Delaware, we felt the anticipation growing with the familiar territory.  The skies were blue, not a cloud in the sky and then there it was!!!  The sign leading us to Ocean City and the surrounding beach towns!!   We were so excited to finally arrive…..When we lived in Northern Virginia (NOVA), we came to the area many times. 


dji_fly_20231025_114026_244_1698250161792_photo_optimizeddji_fly_20231025_114026_244_1698250161792_photo_optimized image0000002image0000002 IMG_3938IMG_3938

Charles W MKCharles W MK Charles W. Cullen Bridge (137) MKCharles W. Cullen Bridge (137) MK

We had never been to this State Park but it was the perfect spot for 2 weeks.  The campground is split between the Indian River Inlet where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Inlet – South and North.  We elected to stay at the South Inlet.  The beautiful Indian River Inlet Bridge (officially called the Charles W. Cullen Bridge) is quite the site – especially at night, as it can be seen for miles due to the beautiful lighting.  Pedestrians are allowed to walk across it but the weather and wind just didn’t cooperate for us – so we’ll have to go back!!

So much to do in the area….and friends to visit!!

First up was a day trip to the Wallops Island Visitor Center.  Wallops has grown from a small test range for guided missile research to supporting aerospace and science exploration and technology development world-wide as NASA’s premier location for suborbital and small orbital activities.  What a super neat place….


IMG_3940IMG_3940 Wallops (16) MKWallops (16) MK



Next up was lunch on the charming resort island of Chincoteague, VA. overlooking the water and a great view of Wallops Island.  We were treated to some pretty cool military planes doing some touch and go training.  Then it was off to hunt for the magical wild horses…..we had asked the waitress at lunch where to find them.  The island isn’t that big so it was easy to find the area.  We drove……..slow………we drove further………slow………..and then Bingo – we turned a corner and there they were – in all their beautiful glory!  We can’t tell you how excited we were!!  We pulled off to the side and spent several hours saying nothing……..just basking at the beautiful sight in front of us….After all of this excitement, we visited the Chincoteague Lighthouse before it got dark.  What is it about lighthouses that fascinate us?  Not sure except they are all different and just so cool….


Chincoteague horses (92) MKChincoteague horses (92) MK Chincoteague horses (238) MKChincoteague horses (238) MK Chincoteague horses (700) MKChincoteague horses (700) MK Chincoteague horses (930) MKChincoteague horses (930) MK Chincoteague light (11) MKChincoteague light (11) MK


Another day trip took us to Assateague Island National Seashore which is in both Virginia and Maryland.  The Island is the largest natural barrier island ecosystem in the Mid Atlantic state region that remains predominantly unaffected by human development.  There isn’t much here except for a couple of campgrounds and a visitor center.  So why were we here????  As we entered the National Seashore area, our eyes were peeled in every direction.  We had heard SO many stories of all the gorgeous wild horses.  Within minutes, a beautiful stallion came bounding from the trees, along with his friend.  We were in awe!!!  Down the road, there was a traffic jam – LOL!!  Horses take naps standing up and there they were, in the middle of the road, napping – for over an hour – LOL!  When we could pass, we continued to drive around, keeping our eyes peeled for more.  We gave up so time to go.  But wait!!!  Look over there – look how beautiful they are!!  And off they went into the swamp land.  At the state park, we had a bite to eat. We drove around more, with the hopes of spotting horses on the beach.  Nope…..okay – time to leave.  Well would you look at that!!  Sweetie – back up into that parking lot.  I think those horses are heading for the beach.  We park in the lot and sure enough, here they come…..oh my gosh – they are RIGHT THERE!!  We spent a few more hours following the horses thru the lot and on to the beach.  It was surreal – truly…..as the sun set, we were graced with beautiful skies and a few more horses along the main road as we left.  What a completely thrilling day!  We were exhausted by the time we got back to the Sandman – LOL!!


Assateague  Horses (73) MKAssateague Horses (73) MK Assateague  Horses (840) MKAssateague Horses (840) MK Assateague  Horses (927) MKAssateague Horses (927) MK Assateague  Horses (1050) MKAssateague Horses (1050) MK Assateague  Horses (1067) MKAssateague Horses (1067) MK Assateague  Horses (1302) MKAssateague Horses (1302) MK Assateague  Horses (1509) MKAssateague Horses (1509) MK Assateague  Horses (1855) MKAssateague Horses (1855) MK Assateague  Horses (1965) MKAssateague Horses (1965) MK IMG_3976IMG_3976 Assateague  Horses (2348) MKAssateague Horses (2348) MK Assateague  Horses (2595) MKAssateague Horses (2595) MK IMG_3960IMG_3960 IMG_4010IMG_4010 IMG_4042IMG_4042 IMG_4041IMG_4041 IMG_4026IMG_4026 Assateague  Horses (703) MKAssateague Horses (703) MK


A close friend of ours, Lacey, who was our neighbor when we lived in Leesburg, VA, lives near where we were staying.  It had been way too many years since we had seen her. We got together for lunch with her and her hubby Mike.  Good times!!!!  Our kids grew up together for many years and it was fun catching up on things.




Another close friend that Donna went to school with in the Philippines, Cathi, lives very near where we were staying.  We got together with her and her hubby Mike for dinner.  We all forgot to take a picture darn it!!  We had a great time yacking away and enjoyed an after dinner drink at their beautiful house near Fenwick Island.  Fenwick Island is also host to the oldest lighthouse in the state of Delaware.  It is on the Delaware/Maryland state line.

Before we got married, we took a vacation in Mike’s MG Midget to Dewey Beach in Delaware.  While there, we decided to take the ferry from Lewes, Delaware to Cape May, New Jersey.  Well………..we did another day trip and did the same trip again.  Cape May is known for its colorful 19th century architecture, gorgeous beaches, and many places to dine and shop.  The ferry was a blast coming and going.  Talk about a luxurious ride!!!  Reclining seats, gift shop, TVs, tables, and food – LOL!!  We started our day at the Cape May Lighthouse, walked the beach, and ended it strolling through the downtown village shops.  Oh and can you say Lobstahhhhhhh????  We had THE most yummy fresh lobster lunch………..lips are still smacking!!!!


IMG_4058IMG_4058 IMG_4051IMG_4051 Cape May (39) MkCape May (39) Mk

image0000001image0000001 IMG_4065IMG_4065 IMG_4076IMG_4076 PXL_20231023_181817777PXL_20231023_181817777 Cape May (197) MKCape May (197) MK MJK_5334 MKMJK_5334 MK MJK_5392 MKMJK_5392 MK IMG_4077IMG_4077 Cape May (250) MKCape May (250) MK


We visited all of the nearby beach towns and poked our heads into all the shops – Cape Henlopen, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, and……..Ocean City.  Oh Ocean City you can be SO much fun….many things were closed because its shoulder season (off peak) but the Boardwalk was still fun to walk. We totally forgot that they still have a mounted police patrol. Love locks on the Pier fence.  So cool to see!! All of these places brought back so many memories.  It was hard to leave…………….but we’ll be back!!!


image0000005image0000005 IMG_3925IMG_3925 OceanCity (334) MKOceanCity (334) MK OceanCity (578) MKOceanCity (578) MK OceanCity (493) MKOceanCity (493) MK IMG_3930IMG_3930 OceanCity (343) MKOceanCity (343) MK

Charles W. Cullen Bridge (90) MKCharles W. Cullen Bridge (90) MK IMG_4040IMG_4040 MJK_5480 MKMJK_5480 MK



[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/11/october-13-26-rehoboth-beach-delaware-eastern-shore Sun, 12 Nov 2023 03:13:18 GMT
October 8 – 12  Cape Charles, Virginia https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/10/october-8-12-cape-charles-virginia Kiptopeke State Park

Our biggest anxiety getting to this park was crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT).  We got this – no problem!  We kept an eye on the winds as there are restrictions for trailers crossing the bridge.  Morning of – all systems go…………..let’s do this!!!  And away we go………

Driving CBBT



IMG-3861IMG-3861 IMG-3865IMG-3865 IMG-3866IMG-3866 IMG-3867IMG-3867 IMG-3869IMG-3869 IMG-3872IMG-3872 IMG-3873IMG-3873 IMG-3874IMG-3874




Kiptopeke State Park, located at the southern end of the Virginia eastern shore, was yet another beautiful place near the water (Chesapeake Bay) to lay our heads and enjoy the outdoors.  We found super nice hiking trails that either started at the beach or ended up there.  Within one of the trails was a beautiful Pollinator area.  There were SO many butterflies and bees; we didn’t know what to look at first!!

image000001image000001 IMG-3886IMG-3886 IMG-3889IMG-3889 IMG-3895IMG-3895 IMG-3899IMG-3899 Kiptopeke walk (102) MKKiptopeke walk (102) MK Kiptopeke walk (174) MKKiptopeke walk (174) MK Kiptopeke walk (275) MKKiptopeke walk (275) MK Kiptopeke walk (330) MKKiptopeke walk (330) MK IMG-3896IMG-3896 IMG-3900IMG-3900

MJK_0060 MKMJK_0060 MK

image000000image000000 Kiptopeke walk (240) MKKiptopeke walk (240) MK

Just off the coast of the park are WWII concrete ships partially sunken.  The Concrete Fleet, also known as the Kiptopeke Breakwater, consists of several concrete ships lined end to end just west of the former Chesapeake Bay ferry terminal. The crumbling hulks consist of 9 of the 24 concrete ships contracted by the U.S. Maritime Commission during World War II. In 1948 the ships were brought to Kiptopeke Beach in order to bring protection to the terminal during severe weather. Once arranged, their bilge-cocks were opened to bring on water and they were left to settle on the bottom of the Bay. 

MJK_9824 MKMJK_9824 MK


The ferry was closed in 1964 when the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel opened but the breakwater still protects the pier and beach while providing a home for coastal fish, shellfish, and birds. Since being scuttled in the bay the rusty bones of these ships have been exposed to half a century of weather creating an incredible show of decay. Certain sections of the wrecks offer holes large enough for a small boat to pass through where one can see the interior structure of these vessels up close.

The night skies were dark…dark…the stars looked so close, it felt like you could yank them right out of the sky…..got a glimpse of the Milky Way!!

The historic town of Cape Charles was quaint and quiet.  There is a very small population but it seems builders have come in – buying up land to build homes – bringing more people to the area.  We understand from the locals that Cape Charles is becoming quite the tourist spot which we were happy to hear.  The town virtually closed down once the CBBT was built, because all of the traffic that used to come via the ferry, now is on the highway outside of town.  They’ve done a lot to bring shops and restaurants to sustain some local and tourist traffic.  We drove around all of the little streets, looking at the beautiful new and old homes.  Neat place!!!

PXL_20231010_152821819PXL_20231010_152821819 PXL_20231010_145728899PXL_20231010_145728899


image000003image000003 image000002image000002


One of our neighbors had an Airstream – a special edition called The Pendleton.  Only 100 were made.  First time we’ve ever seen one in person and it sure was puuurrrtttyyy!  We had a nice evening with them around the fire, partaking in some adult beverages.  During our stay, yet another Airstream showed up – this one a 1962 and man did it shine, shine, shine.  Her friend had the other vintage trailer.



Walking on the beach, to us, is one of our favorite things.  Hours go by without blinking an eye……we’ll see you again Cape Charles………………………



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September 25 – October 8 OBX (Outer Banks), North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/10/september-25-october-8-obx-outer-banks-north-carolina Oregon Inlet Campground – Cape Hatteras National Seashore

IMG-2974IMG-2974 Finally – after 24 years – we’ve made it back to our favorite place – ever!!!! It’s beautiful, magical,…Breathtaking – the Outer Banks (OBX). They are a 200-mile string of barrier islands and spits off the coast of North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. They line most of the North Carolina coastline, separating Currituck Sound, Albemarle Sound, and Pamlico Sound – from the Atlantic Ocean. It’s such gorgeous natural beauty that can’t be explained, if you’ve never been. We hope that everyone that reads this will experience the OBX at some point in your life.

MJK_8900 MKMJK_8900 MK MJK_8937 MKMJK_8937 MK MJK_8958 MKMJK_8958 MK



We could feel the excitement building as we drove the short distance from our previous stay in Currituck Sound. Alas – we see the sign for the Cape Hatteras National Seashore!!!!!


Within a few minutes we were pulling into that beautiful Oregon Inlet Campground….oh there are the dunes!! Little paths thru the dunes just a short walk from our site. We couldn’t wait to put those beach sandals on…..but alas………..we would have to wait….

Ya know – Mother Nature has a way – or it’s just our luck – it might be sunny, but the WIND made for a non-beach time for our first few days.

Windy Beach (108) MKWindy Beach (108) MK OBX WAVES (130) MKOBX WAVES (130) MK Windy Beach (97) MKWindy Beach (97) MK



Our first outing was taking the free ferry from Cape Hatteras to a place we hold close to our hearts – our first camping experience on the beach was Ocracoke Island. Off we went for the day. Up at the crack of dawn for an hour’s drive south, to wait in line for the first come/first serve ferry. We waited about an hour (not so bad). The ferry ride takes about 70 minutes even though it’s only about 9 nautical miles from Cape Hatteras to Ocracoke. The ever-shifting currents are constantly shifting the ocean floor, so the ferry has to maneuver well out into the sound to miss all the sand bars.

PXL_20230926_140758244PXL_20230926_140758244 Ocracoke (47) MKOcracoke (47) MK Ocracoke (21) MKOcracoke (21) MK


Oh, it looks just like it did 24 years ago! Golf carts and bicycles in abundance. Vehicle parking is limited but we managed to find a spot for Journey while we covered every square inch we could, on foot. Neat little shops keeping the small economy going. Years ago we had talked about buying a place and living on the quaint island…..Most of the restaurants were closed for the season, but one of our favorites – Howards Pub was still open. It was packed and we happily sat at the outside patio and enjoyed our meal….



The island boasts so much history, it’s worth reading about. Lots of pirate stories (many true). Several historical cemeteries on the island including a British one. Ocracoke – a true gift from the sea……………….

Ocracoke (1) MKOcracoke (1) MK Ocracoke (167) MKOcracoke (167) MK Ocracoke (194) MKOcracoke (194) MK Ocracoke (206) MKOcracoke (206) MK Ocracoke (147) MKOcracoke (147) MK Ocracoke (159) MKOcracoke (159) MK Ocracoke (270) MKOcracoke (270) MK



While poking in and out of all the beach towns/shops up and down the OBX, we stopped at the Wright Brothers Memorial. The park service has done a great job at preserving the land with a nice memorial and visitor’s center.

Jockey’s Ridge State Park was another cool stop. It is home to the tallest living sand dune system on the Atlantic coast and provides an ideal location for kite flying, watching sunsets, and hang gliding – which they teach on site.

Jockey Ridge fixJockey Ridge fix


Alligator River Wildlife Refuge was a place one of our neighbors told us about. Lots of wildlife including bears to be seen, best in the early morning or dusk. We made 3 trips out and finally got lucky the 3rd evening with some bears.

Alligator preserve (1) MKAlligator preserve (1) MK Alligator preserve (26) MKAlligator preserve (26) MK Alligator preserve (137)MKAlligator preserve (137)MK Bears (85) MKBears (85) MK


Speaking of neighbors! We had been out running errands – got back to the campground and as we rounded the corner to The Sandman, we see a vehicle parked in front of it. What the heck??? Who does that??? We get closer and see no one in the car but we see feet by the door. Hum??? What the heck? We park Journey and around the front comes this adorable, older than us couple, who live in Southern VA – we had met them when we camped at Hagan-Stone Park a few weeks ago. OMG!!!!! They remembered we were coming to the OBX. Their son lives in Kill Devil Hills (a local town) and they were visiting. They drove to Oregon Inlet on the chance they would find us! We had dinner with them and went with them on our 3rd and lucky adventure to the Alligator River Wildlife Refuge. Now, how cool is that????????????



Pea Island Wildlife Refuge is another great little stop along the OBX. Nice visitor’s center and places to park along the highway to get to the beach. One day we had the beach all to ourselves……….

Of course we looked for seashells and sea glass. We found 4 beautiful pieces of sea glass which we will cherish for years to come!!

IMG-3827IMG-3827 IMG-3780IMG-3780 IMG-3854IMG-3854 IMG-3838IMG-3838 IMG-3839IMG-3839 IMG-3801IMG-3801 IMG-3767IMG-3767

Pea Island Beach (6) MKPea Island Beach (6) MK Pea Island Beach (33) MKPea Island Beach (33) MK Pea Island Beach (70) MKPea Island Beach (70) MK Pea Island Beach (113) MKPea Island Beach (113) MK Pea Island Beach (140) MKPea Island Beach (140) MK Pea Island Beach (244) MKPea Island Beach (244) MK Pea Island Beach (455) MKPea Island Beach (455) MK

Oregon Fishing sunset (46) MKOregon Fishing sunset (46) MK


We visited all of the OBX Lighthouses – Currituck, Bodie Island, Cape Hatteras, Ocracoke, and Roanoke Marshes. All, breathtaking in their own way!!

Bodie Light house (10) MKBodie Light house (10) MK Corolla Light House (11)MKCorolla Light House (11)MK Hatteras light (391) MKHatteras light (391) MK Ocracoke (172) MKOcracoke (172) MK


A wonderful 2 weeks……….we were sad to be leaving but more adventures to come…..


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/10/september-25-october-8-obx-outer-banks-north-carolina Mon, 16 Oct 2023 01:24:35 GMT
September 21 – 25 Currituck Sound, Coinjock, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/10/september-21-25-currituck-sound-coinjock-north-carolina KOA Outer Banks West

Alas…..we are near the most magical place we’ve ever been……Our most favorite place in the entire world.

Across the “Sound” from the Outer Banks, lies one of many inlets – this one called Currituck Sound. Beautiful beach homes of every style and size. Unlike the Outer Banks, the people here appear to be year-round residents versus rentals that you see up and down the Outer Banks.

We have been looking forward to good OBX seafood. On the recommendation of the KOA staff, we headed to the nearest Marina the first night after we arrived. Oi vey – we LOVED our dinner of Broiled Flounder. Another diet coming after we’ve left this area in a few weeks – LOL!!

The KOA is at the VERY northern tip of the Sound. A very nice place and staff! We opted for a site on the inside loop facing the water. The other sites nearest the water are back-in and the way our Airstream is configured, we like what we picked. At this point, we’re VERY glad we picked what we did! Because……………Of Tropical Storm Ophelia!!!!!!!! Why must you ruin the first part of our trip to the area? We haven’t been here in a bit over 20 years…. and…..we’re finally here……and so are you!!!!




Is it going to flood? Should we leave or should we stay????? Is it going to turn into a Hurricane or remain a Tropical Storm??? Hum – what to do??? Closely watching ALL the news, and talking to the KOA staff – who indicated that this particular area had NEVER flooded during a storm, we hunkered down and stayed put. For 24 hours we sustained 60-70 mile an hour winds, along with the pouring rain that accompanies a Tropical Storm…..The Sandman was rocking and rolling all night long!!!!!



At last, she moved north – leaving us with puffy clouds and beautiful blue skies including a rainbow, Whew!!

I mean – we love adventures but………….there is a limit – LOL!!!



Why yes – there are Wild Spanish Mustang horses not too far from us!! We could have driven our truck but not knowing the beach condition after the storm, we opted to go on a 4WD tour.

Oh my lord – what a magical sight to see!! There just are no words to describe the beauty of what we saw…..

To get to the horses, there are no paved roads. You must have 4WD because you have to drive on the beach to get there. And get this? There are 2 small communities of homes (big – huge) on this 12-mile strip of land (just houses- no stores or anything else). Although they do have a fire department. The roads – if you can call them that are all sand. Not for us, even though we did love living near the beach in California….

IMG-3730IMG-3730 IMG-3733IMG-3733 IMG-3734IMG-3734 IMG-3735IMG-3735 IMG-3752IMG-3752 IMG-3753IMG-3753 IMG-3757IMG-3757 IMG-3758IMG-3758 Wild horses (518) MKWild horses (518) MK Wild horses (500) MKWild horses (500) MK

IMG-3739IMG-3739 IMG-3741IMG-3741 IMG-3743IMG-3743 IMG-3745IMG-3745 IMG-3761IMG-3761

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/10/september-21-25-currituck-sound-coinjock-north-carolina Sat, 07 Oct 2023 02:48:07 GMT
September 18 - 21 Hollister, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/9/september-18---21-hollister-north-carolina Medoc Mountain State Park

It seems we’ve traversed all over the state!  What’s interesting to us is each part of NC that we’ve visited, is SO different – from the terrain to the people!!



As we’ve mentioned before, there are times we find hidden gems to stay at, that are known to locals, but not necessarily to those traveling through the area.  Medoc Mountain is one of those places.  So nice, quiet, and beautiful….very few peeps there.



The weather was scrumptious – windows open and lots of good sleeping nights!!!  Very dark skies at night.  Sitting by the fire the first night, we saw a falling star.  How cool – one of our favorite things to do when the skies cooperate!  We also saw many satellites every night, one after the other go by.  Love it!!

We did several hikes located on the campground property.  This was the first time we both spotted a BIG snake at the same time.  Donna – who loves snakes (NOT) made a beeline to continue down the trail, Mike close behind.  Nope – no picture – definitely wasn’t stopping or going back to get one – LOL!!!

image000000 (1)image000000 (1)


Okay – who or what stole Mike’s shower shoe?  How in the world does this happen in the middle of nowhere?  Shower shoes are left at the door to dry off after using the local facilities.  He went back outside to do something, reached for his shoes and……………..one was gone.  Hum….was it Big Foot?  Was it a kid playing a joke?  We looked all over and well….it was just gone.


Sitting by the fire - sky watching, Mike sees a shadow of “something” walking thru the woods behind our site.  Quick!!  Get that flashlight!!!  We see a dog going through the woods.  We didn’t think anything of it.  We thought maybe one of the dogs camping near us had gotten off the leash.  Never saw it again that night.



Morning comes and the other (1 shoe that we had left outside hoping its mate would mysteriously appear) shoe was gone!  Well damn…..after looking around we found one shoe – something had chewed it like a toy.  Shortly after that we see a hound dog running through the woods.  She was skinny and obviously hungry.  Gave her some food/water but she wasn’t going to get near us.  She seemed friendly but scared. 

PXL_20230921_111309915PXL_20230921_111309915 PXL_20230921_112406628PXL_20230921_112406628 PXL_20230921_113212084PXL_20230921_113212084


The Ranger came through on many of his morning drive checks.  He was very aware of the dog as many others had reported seeing her over the past several weeks.  Sad….seems as if maybe she was a hunting dog that didn’t quite have what her owners were looking for, so they dumped her.  The Ranger said it happens a lot……they have a list a mile long for people that want to adopt her – if they can catch her – which they’ve tried several times.  We hope the best for her!!!



[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/9/september-18---21-hollister-north-carolina Fri, 22 Sep 2023 22:50:34 GMT
September 11 – 18 Pleasant Garden, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/9/september-11-18-pleasant-garden-north-carolina Hagan-Stone Park

We enjoyed a beautiful drive through the back roads of North Carolina to a nice, quaint, quiet County Park.  A bit off the beaten path and the kind of place we love!  A couple of nice ponds that greet you upon your arrival, with several locals trying their luck at catching something….

Sandman in Hagan Stone Park MKSandman in Hagan Stone Park MK


The skies were extra dark at night, and we were lucky enough to see the ISS pass right over head one night.  We tried our best to catch a look at a falling star, but no luck this time….



We met some nice neighbors including another Airstream couple that lived not too far away.  They have family in the area and use the park quite often to stay while they visit.  While conversing with them, we discussed small issues each of us had with little nitnoi things on our Airstreams.  We had noticed our solar was not charging as it should be.  They had experienced the same thing and showed us what they did to fix theirs.  Voila!  2 of the 3 plugs used to recharge the solar, had wiggled loose over time.  All fixed!!!  Yayyy!!

Mike was able to catch up with two of his Navy buddies from the USS Peterson, who discovered we were in the area.  They hadn’t seen each other since 1980!! They came over to see our home on wheels then off to dinner we went to catch up on old times for a few more hours.



A longtime friend Kurt drove a bit over an hour to come see our home on wheels and swap stories.  We saw him last year; he lives near where we bought our truck.  Off we went to a local Mexican place to catch up on more stories.



Our camping neighbors mentioned the North Carolina Zoo was a “must see” so off we went to explore it.  It was a bit of a drive, but it gave us another chance to see more green countryside!  We spent the entire day traversing through the most beautiful zoo we’ve ever been in.  Inexpensive to enter – free parking – food meh – but we did get 5 miles on our trek!!!

NC Zoo (944) MKNC Zoo (944) MK NC Zoo (873) MKNC Zoo (873) MK NC Zoo (813) MKNC Zoo (813) MK NC Zoo (717) MKNC Zoo (717) MK NC Zoo (747) MKNC Zoo (747) MK NC Zoo (801) MKNC Zoo (801) MK NC Zoo (650) MKNC Zoo (650) MK NC Zoo (586) MKNC Zoo (586) MK NC Zoo (527) MKNC Zoo (527) MK NC Zoo (300) MKNC Zoo (300) MK IMG-3703IMG-3703 NC Zoo (926) MKNC Zoo (926) MK


It was a great week and very relaxing!!!


NC Zoo (1298) MKNC Zoo (1298) MK




[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/9/september-11-18-pleasant-garden-north-carolina Fri, 22 Sep 2023 21:47:21 GMT
August 30 – September 11 Boone, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/9/august-30-september-11-boone-north-carolina KOA Holiday

KOA campsite-01KOA campsite-01

Camp SiteCamp Site

MJK_8451 MKSunset with bird houseSunset with bird house

They call this part of North Carolina, the “High Country”. There is just something magical about fall creeping up and a few of those tree leaves starting to change. We had warm days and cool, crisp nights. Sleeping with the windows open and listening to all those night creatures, makes for a fabulous night’s sleep!!

Grandfather Mountian (545) MKGrandfather Mountian (545) MK


Nestled deep in the mountains where we stayed, is the college town of Boone. Hey – it’s Appalachian territory here! Little did we know that a few days after we arrived, was the 1st football game of the season at Appalachian State University…..

The town was bustling with all kinds of peeps in black and yellow – the school colors. Students, Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas – all here to cheer on their local team. We toured the town well in advance of game day. Packed full of neat places to poke in and out of…

Grandfather Mountain is like no other place we’ve been. We hiked to the top and felt like we were on top of the world!! The views from every angle were spectacular! If you’ve never seen the Blue Ridge Mountains in person, they are like no other mountain range anywhere. The Mountain famous for its “swinging bridge” is a mile up. Donna got up enough guts to walk across (she didn’t look down).  This was quite the accomplishment for her since she is scared to death of open air heights. Then she had to walk back across – oi vey!

Done!!! LOL!!! We hiked back down and off we went to the Nature Center and wildlife habitats that are part of Grandfather Mountain. Pretty neat place!!! The weather couldn’t have been better for us – Yayyy!!

Grandfather Mountian-01Grandfather Mountian-01 Grandfather Mountian-03Grandfather Mountian-03 Grandfather Mountian-02Grandfather Mountian-02 Grandfather MountianGrandfather Mountian Grandfather Mountian-04Grandfather Mountian-04

Grandfather Mountian (61) MKGrandfather Mountian (61) MK Grandfather Mountian (108) MKGrandfather Mountian (108) MK Grandfather Mountian (135) MKGrandfather Mountian (135) MK Grandfather Mountian (240) MKGrandfather Mountian (240) MK Grandfather Mountian (270) MKGrandfather Mountian (270) MK Grandfather Mountian (394) MKGrandfather Mountian (394) MK Grandfather Mountian (507) MKGrandfather Mountian (507) MK


Mildred the bearMildred the bear


Blowing Rock is another neat town – very quaint with shops and restaurants. We got there early because it was Labor Day weekend. We managed to get in and out of all the shops before it got too crowded. But…..trying to find lunch was a bit of a challenge. We did – but good thing we weren’t starving as the wait times were nuts!!

From the town, we went to the actual “Blowing Rock”. No doubt it’s a tourist place. We were a bit disappointed as we were expecting this HUGE rock but in reality, it was not to be. Oh well – the views once again of the Blue Ridge Mountains were breathtaking….

Crab Orchard Falls is a very popular hike in the area. We headed off early in the morning to accomplish the hike before it got too hot. What a simply beautiful place tucked in the woods. We had been told that a “must do” was to stop at the famous Mast General Store which was near Crab Orchard Falls. It’s in a little township called Valle Crucis. What a neat place! Yep – we managed to find a few things including handmade ice cream and sherbet.






We sat outside resting our bones from our hike and shopping spree and enjoyed every yummy bite – LOL!!

Remember Andy Griffith? His hometown is Mt. Airy, NC. Oh – another day trip – let’s go!! So off we went to everything Mayberry. What a neat “throwback” day it was. We went into many of the shops, and then headed to the museum. What fun it was!! We understand from the locals that every year there is a festival called Mayberry Days, celebrating the Andy Griffith Show. Unfortunately, our dates in the area weren’t going to coincide with the festival as we didn’t know about it in advance.




Floyd’s Barber shop was still there and Mike decided he needed a haircut. While there, several locals came in and turns out they were former actors and written books that were just being published.




Our trip to the area was planned around and attending the “Land of Oz Autumn Festival” at the top of Beech Mountain. We bought the tickets back in June as the Festival is only 3 weeks in September and sells out quickly. We weren’t sure what to expect and realized that it was something very special, based on listening to other people talk about it. There were people from all over the US that had come to “play Oz” for the day! OMG – it was SO much fun.

Oz signOz sign

GlendaGlenda LionLion ScarcrowScarcrow TinManTinMan WoodsmenWoodsmen WitchWitch

Yellow Brick RoadYellow Brick Road



All of the characters looked and sounded just like they did in the movie. The Yellow Brick Road meandered through the woods. Along the way, the characters reenacted parts of the original movie. Did we feel like kids? Yep…..and it was a fabulous day!!!

Can we just tell you that THE most BEAUTIFUL road/drive (we think) in the US is the Blue Ridge Parkway. It runs through Virginia and North Carolina at 469 miles long. We’ve been on it several times in several different areas of Virginia and NC. If you ever get the chance, DO IT – put it on your bucket list – you will not be disappointed……………………


Blue RidgeBlue Ridge Road 3Road 3 Road 4Road 4 Road 5Road 5 Road 6Road 6 RoadRoad


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/9/august-30-september-11-boone-north-carolina Sat, 16 Sep 2023 02:12:34 GMT
August 24 – 30 Oak Ridge/Heiskell, Tennessee https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/9/august-24-30-oak-ridge/heiskell-tennessee Raccoon Valley RV Park (Heiskell)/Comfort Inn (Oak Ridge)





We planned this trip around a Navy Reunion for Mike.  When he was in the Navy, one of the ships he was on was the USS Oak Ridge.  Have you seen the movie “Oppenheimer”?  Oak Ridge is known as the “Secret City”.  It was established in 1942 as a production site for the “Manhattan Project” - the massive American, British, and Canadian operation that developed the atomic bomb.  Lots of history!! 

IMG-3621IMG-3621 IMG-3623IMG-3623 IMG-3628IMG-3628 IMG-3632IMG-3632 PXL_20230826_135202371PXL_20230826_135202371 PXL_20230826_135210743.MPPXL_20230826_135210743.MP


Last year when we attended the reunion, we toured areas that are no longer “active”, along with several museums. 

Close by is the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary.  It opened in 1896 and closed its doors in 2009.  Quite interesting and creepy at the same time……..It sits exactly as it did when the doors closed with the exception of a Distillery that is now on the property.  They distill their own Moonshine and Vodka, using all local grains and fresh mountain water.

IMG-3638IMG-3638 IMG-3639IMG-3639 IMG-3640IMG-3640 PXL_20230826_203818596PXL_20230826_203818596 PXL_20230826_212533044PXL_20230826_212533044 PXL_20230826_214259022PXL_20230826_214259022 PXL_20230826_214337873PXL_20230826_214337873


All in all, it was a great trip – we had tons of fun seeing old friends once again……  


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/9/august-24-30-oak-ridge/heiskell-tennessee Thu, 07 Sep 2023 00:51:02 GMT
August 17 – 24 Gatlinburg, Tennessee https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-17-24-gatlinburg-tennessee Greenbrier Campground



OMG! If you’ve never been to The Smoky Mountain National Park, then put it on your bucket list!!! It’s been many years since we’ve been here but didn’t come to explore Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge. We were here with our MINI Cooper Club to drive “The Dragon” which is on the opposite side of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park (Devils Gap/Fontana Village).

Our campground was awesome! Very close to several entrances to the Great Smoky Mountain NP. We explored and did as much as we could during our week stay.

We poked around the town of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Both tourist towns with plenty to see and do. You drive right through Gatlinburg into one of the main entrances to the National Park.

The scenery, roads, waterfalls, rushing rivers – all just breathtakingly gorgeous. It was hot but no rain the entire time.

Smoky Mountian Nat Park (245) MKSmoky Mountian Nat Park (245) MK

Smoky Mountian Nat Park (62) MKSmoky Mountian Nat Park (62) MK

MJK_6814 MKMJK_6814 MK


Our first drive through the NP we spotted a juvenile bear by the roadside – not interested in any of the traffic going by. It was happily munching on whatever it could find.

IMG-3581IMG-3581 IMG-3582IMG-3582 IMG-3583IMG-3583 IMG-3584IMG-3584


Tunnels – lots of them…..




We did a 3 mile hike to Grotto Falls which is quite a popular place. We got up at O dark thirty to ensure we could get parking, as it is very limited. The trail was very well marked, and “bear” warning signs posted quite frequently. We spotted a biggie as we were heading back but couldn’t get the camera out quick enough. It was fairly close to us so safety was our main concern. It happily came towards us on the trail then disappeared into the forest.

image000002 (1)image000002 (1) image0000002image0000002 image0000012image0000012


Clingmans Dome was on our list to do – again. We had hiked/climbed up when we were previously in the area but forgot how STEEP it was (we were a lot younger)! Whew!! We got our workout for the morning. It was a cool and foggy morning but still awesome.

MJK_6032 MKMJK_6032 MK MJK_6060 MKMJK_6060 MK


Pigeon Forge was fun to explore – especially since we knew there was a Moon Pie General Store. Donna’s favorite snack……yeah, they sell Moon Pies elsewhere, BUT there are only 2 General Stores that have all kinds of other goodies. It was fun……….Mike also got some go-kart riding in. Did we feel like little kids? You bet ya!!!!


IMG-3599IMG-3599 IMG-3601IMG-3601


Also in Pigeon Forge is The Old Mill District. We had lunch at The Old Mill Restaurant. Good home cooking food!!! Man, we have to stop eating like this – LOL!! Beautifully located on the river….

We found Iron Mountain Metal Craft shop. They teach you make knives from railroad spikes. So of course, we had to.

IMG-3603IMG-3603 IMG-3604IMG-3604 PXL_20230823_214242171PXL_20230823_214242171


Another wake up at the crack o dawn was to do an 11 mile bike ride inside the NP at the area called Cades Cove. This is where a lot of wildlife can be seen in the park. It is a beautiful open meadow.  Every summer evening, like a rush hour in a big city, lines of cars full of wide eyed tourists drive around the loop hoping to catch a glimpse of something wild. On Wednesdays, the NP closes the 11 mile loop to cars and only allows bikes. We were hoping to spot more bears, but sadly, we saw none – booooooo…lots of deer and turkeys though. And a family of coyotes. It was fun riding bikes in the middle of the Smoky Mountains.

BikeBike IMG-3588IMG-3588 MJK_6402 MKMJK_6402 MK MJK_6596 MKMJK_6596 MK MJK_6676 MKMJK_6676 MK MJK_6775 MKMJK_6775 MK Smokey Mountian Nat Park (384) MKSmokey Mountian Nat Park (384) MK Smoky Mountian Nat Park (114) MKSmoky Mountian Nat Park (114) MK

MJK_6101 MKMJK_6101 MK MJK_6147 MKMJK_6147 MK Smoky Mountian Nat Park (62) MKSmoky Mountian Nat Park (62) MK

The Chalets surrounding Gatlinburg have views that must look awesome. 


IMG-3595IMG-3595 IMG-3596IMG-3596 IMG-3597IMG-3597 IMG-3598IMG-3598


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-17-24-gatlinburg-tennessee Fri, 25 Aug 2023 00:19:38 GMT
August 16 – 17  Old Fort, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-16-17-old-fort-north-carolina Catawba Falls Campground

We had a quick overnight stay at this family-owned campground – to do some “adulting” like laundry, phone calls, paperwork, etc.  The weather was simply gorgeous which enabled us to open all the windows and sleep to the sound of the babbling creek right behind our site.  Ummmmmm…..simply lovely!!

IMG-3572IMG-3572 IMG-3573IMG-3573


The day was crystal clear through the mountains.  We spotted a nice Woodie being towed somewhere…..unusual to see such a vehicle in these parts…..



Something quite common throughout the southeast are giant trees with years and years of “vine” growth.  Pretty neat looking….

IMG-3577IMG-3577 IMG-3571IMG-3571 IMG-3570IMG-3570



[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-16-17-old-fort-north-carolina Thu, 24 Aug 2023 21:42:21 GMT
August 14 – 16 Roaring Gap, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-14-16-roaring-gap-north-carolina  

Stone Mountain State Park

What started out as a gorgeous sunny driving day, although slow, through some very mountainous areas, turned nasty, with a whopper thunderstorm. It was raining so hard; we pulled off at an exit and sat for a while to let the skies settle down a bit. Luckily we were only 30 minutes from our campground.


IMG-3548IMG-3548 IMG-3552IMG-3552


The area is quite full of many outdoor things to do – hiking, biking, boating….you name it…

We hiked to the famous (around here anyway) Stone Mountain. Such a site to see, my oh my!!! On the grounds of the campground made it easy to get to. Located at the base of Stone Mountain, was the Hutchinson Homestead. It was a working farm built by the Hutchinson family in the mid-19th century. It was restored in 1998 and bought by the state of North Carolina as part of the Stone Mountain Park, in 1979.

Stone Mountian State Park (15) MKStone Mountian State Park (15) MK Stone Mountian State Park (39) MKStone Mountian State Park (39) MK Stone Mountian State Park (130) MKStone Mountian State Park (130) MK



From there, we hiked in a different direction to Stone Mountain Falls. A breathtaking 200ft. waterfall in Big Sandy Creek that flows down a steep rock face into a shallow pool.

Surrounding the lower falls is a pool that makes a beautiful natural area full of boulders, branches, and rocks. There are 350 steps leading down from the top of the falls and an overlook along the way. Whew! We did it…..Yayyy!! We were a bit pooped when we got back to the truck.


Stone Mountian State Park (210) MKStone Mountian State Park (210) MK Stone Mountian State Park (259) MKStone Mountian State Park (259) MK

Late in the afternoon we headed into the town of Elkin for supplies. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a pet Llama outside of a Llama farm. Well….we did today. Meet “Sipping Kalua”!!

IMG-3561IMG-3561 IMG-3560IMG-3560



The owner was asked multiple times – jokingly – “what kind of dog is that”? His reply –“he’s my Llamadoodle”. He proudly walked with a leash into the Tracker Supply Store and then into Lowes. Quite the site to see….


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-14-16-roaring-gap-north-carolina Wed, 16 Aug 2023 03:16:50 GMT
August 12 – 14 Mountain Rest, South Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-12-14-mountain-rest-south-carolina Oconee State Park

IMG-3538IMG-3538 IMG-3545IMG-3545


The woods – the trees – the lake - the curvy roads – the sunsets! All gorgeous scenery……The area is chock full of trails, waterfalls, and just neat things to do outside.

IMG-3537IMG-3537 IMG-3535IMG-3535 IMG-3544IMG-3544

Even though it was HOT and HUMID, we went to Stump house Mountain Tunnel. It’s noted on the Register of Historical Places. It was originally started to connect South Carolina’s coast to Tennessee. The project ran out of money and came to a halt. 1617 feet of tunnel is available to walk in - it’s 25 feet high and 17 feet wide and then you come to a locked, old, creepy door. The walls are dripping with water from above that creates little pools of water all along the tunnel edge.


Oconee State Park (87) MKOconee State Park (87) MK

From the Tunnel, we hiked to Issaquena Falls, named after a legendary Cherokee girl who is said to have leaped from the top of the falls with her lover. It is not known if they died or landed on a ledge out of sight of hostile tribesmen and eventually lived happily ever after.



Oconee State Park (121) MKOconee State Park (121) MK

Both of these cool places are located in the Sumter National Forest.

Interesting sights always catch our eye as we travel from destination to destination.

Something we’ve seen here and there, trucks carrying logs going to??? Who knows –paper mill, or to build log homes…..


Oconee State Park (155) MKOconee State Park (155) MK

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-12-14-mountain-rest-south-carolina Wed, 16 Aug 2023 02:52:32 GMT
August 9 – 12 Chester, South Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-9-12-chester-south-carolina Chester State Park

MJK_5051 MKMJK_5051 MK


Right on the lake! A Beautiful Small Park – just what we like. We lucked out and nobody had the site directly across from us, to block our view of the lake. There is a long dock to walk out and enjoy the view. There was a gathering spot by the lake, with swings, tables/chairs, and a fire pit. Super nice!!


MJK_5075 MKMJK_5075 MK



It was great to meet our neighbor Larry; he spent a lot of time watching baseball games on his outdoor TV.

MJK_5078 MKMJK_5078 MK


The historical part of town looked like it folded many years ago. We saw pictures of what it used to look like as a thriving town way back when. Everything looks so run down and sad. We were told that after Interstate I-95 was built, most of the little towns along what WAS the main highway then, simply couldn’t sustain them. There were a few small shops open on the main street that we poked our heads in. Outside of that, down the road, there were some amenities. Here and there, were some beautiful looking plantation looking homes.


IMG-3526IMG-3526 IMG-3525IMG-3525


Along our travels, in the smallest rural areas, there may not be much, but there are churches everywhere. Some are huge and beautiful – others not so much. The locals gather in whatever they can.

IMG-3527IMG-3527 IMG-3528IMG-3528 IMG-3534IMG-3534



As with any hot and humid area, we had a few whopper thunderstorms roll through. In our sticks and bricks house, no big deal. When we are inside The Sandman, you can feel the thunder rolling under your feet – boom!!!!




[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-9-12-chester-south-carolina Wed, 16 Aug 2023 02:00:10 GMT
August 5 – 9 Ridgeville, South Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-5-9-ridgeville-south-carolina Givhans Ferry State Park

Such a nice quiet place!  Off the beaten path and another beautiful place.  We are just amazed daily at how many beautiful places there are that we are so fortunate to see…


We were lucky enough to see Donna’s friends, Sue Gage and Lisa Gage Patrick again.  They all went to High School together in Subic Bay, Philippines.  We had planned this trip not knowing we would see them several weeks earlier. 

They came out to visit us one evening to see The Sandman.  We had burgers with all the fixings and some yummy desserts, they brought to share.  As luck would have it, those evening South Carolina thunderstorms rolled in shortly after dinner.  It gave us a chance to hang out inside and yack for a bit – LOL!!

The next day we all got together again and headed to Charleston.  We toured the area and some of the outlying islands.  We had a great lunch on the beach at Isle of Palms, and then we caught a ferry to Fort Sumter.


Ft, Sumter (111) MKFt, Sumter (111) MK Ft, Sumter (124) MKFt, Sumter (124) MK Ft, Sumter (134) MKFt, Sumter (134) MK Ft, Sumter (180) MKFt, Sumter (180) MK


Charleston is filled with so much history and the most beautiful tree lined streets ever.  We need to come back!!   We ended the day going to the famous “Angel Tree”.  It’s estimated to be over 400 years old.  Coolest tree we’ve ever seen.  It was a great time!!!

Angel Tree (9) MKAngel Tree (9) MKThis is one of the oldest trees in America. Guestamated to be at least 400 years old. The limbs are hollowed but the bark is what keeps it together.

When down in this area, it’s important to note how to evacuate during hurricane season.  We happened upon this route many times.

Our last day at Givhans we did something new – can’t believe we’ve never done this before.  We rented floating tubes and went down the Edisto River. The river runs right behind the campground and “Edisto Adventures” rents whatever you need.  Off we went – 2 miles – 2 hours.  We took a cooler for lunch and snacks.  They pick you up at the end and bring you back to the park.  SO much fun!!!


IMG-2273IMG-2273 IMG-3496IMG-3496



IMG-3498IMG-3498 IMG-3499IMG-3499 IMG-3504IMG-3504 IMG-3996IMG-3996


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/august-5-9-ridgeville-south-carolina Sat, 12 Aug 2023 02:22:26 GMT
July 28 – August 5 Holden Beach, Supply, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/july-28-august-5-holden-beach-supply-north-carolina Holden Beach RV Campground

We had been looking forward to this portion of our travels for many months! Our daughter, our grandson, and her husband’s family rented a house for a week at Holden Beach. We stayed at a campground only a couple miles from them. It was a fantastic week of hanging out, playing at the beach, flying kites, shell hunting, and eating food that each family picked a night and cooked for everyone else. Yummy…………………..oh and then there was THE BEST handmade ice cream place ever…………….major diet after this week – LOL!!

The campground was super nice. Great pool that had only been open a couple of months. They have Corn Hole just outside of the pool fence. A free shuttle to the beach if you needed it. The city has many little beach stores to go in and out of. Of course, we had to check them all out!!!

The first of many highlights of our trip was our grandson Camden, spent 2 nights with us sleeping in the Airstream. Oh, we had so much fun! We watched game shows on TV (he loves them), went to the pool, and played Corn Hole. Another highlight of the week, besides being with part of our family, was the “Turtle Boil”.

When the sea turtle mama lays her eggs on the beach, the Holden Beach Turtle Watch “marks the spot” and ropes it off. 60 days from then is incubation. We were lucky enough to have several of those areas right outside the house. When the babies hatch, they call it a “Turtle Boil” because they literally bubble up through the sand and make their way to the Ocean water. The Turtle Watch volunteers make sure that no one touches them, no lights on, and they help any strays make their way to the ocean. It was THE coolest thing ever to see!!

We were sad to see the week come to an end…….

PXL_20230729_103609577~2PXL_20230729_103609577~2 IMG-3467IMG-3467 IMG-3470IMG-3470 IMG-3468IMG-3468 IMG-3471IMG-3471 IMG-3472IMG-3472 IMG-3482IMG-3482 IMG-3474IMG-3474 IMG-3485IMG-3485 IMG-3484IMG-3484 PXL_20230803_210929018PXL_20230803_210929018 IMG-3478IMG-3478 Holden Beach 2023 (205) MKHolden Beach 2023 (205) MK Holden Beach 2023 (909) MKHolden Beach 2023 (909) MK Holden Beach 2023 (890) MKHolden Beach 2023 (890) MK IMG-3466IMG-3466 IMG-3491IMG-3491 IMG_20230804_170828IMG_20230804_170828 PXL_20230801_012658911.MPPXL_20230801_012658911.MP PXL_20230801_141432985PXL_20230801_141432985 PXL_20230804_205330815PXL_20230804_205330815 PXL_20230804_205435095PXL_20230804_205435095 PXL_20230803_194723865.MPPXL_20230803_194723865.MP

Holden Beach 2023 (952) MKHolden Beach 2023 (952) MK

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/july-28-august-5-holden-beach-supply-north-carolina Fri, 11 Aug 2023 02:49:12 GMT
July 24 – July 28 Bishopville, South Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/july-24-july-28-bishopville-south-carolina Lee State Park

Quiet – quaint – also an Equestrian Park. Interesting…. we’ve never been in a campground that had a separate little stable area at each campsite – but now we have! The back part of the park had multiple sites for horses and their owners. Based on what the camp host told us, it gets quite busy as there are Equestrian clubs that travel together from place to place.

Who knew?????



The park itself is also well known in the area for the many Artesian Wells built in the 1930’s and is over 100 feet deep and still working and pumping water into the local creek. The 5-mile loop around the park takes you to several of them deep into the woods. Journey (our truck) needed a good bath after this escapade!


MJK_2943 MKMJK_2943 MK IMG-3457IMG-3457


The little town of Bishopville is well – little. Not much there – basic amenity stores, mostly vacant and run down more than we’ve seen lately. However, it is home to the South Carolina Cotton Museum and Veterans Museum. We spent several hours filling our heads with information about cotton and discovering that this little town is quite the place that honors our military.

MJK_2963 MKMJK_2963 MK

Bishopville – located in Lee County – is also the home of “The Lizard man”. Mike purchased a book about him at the Cotton Museum. He was a real person, so we understand. He got tired of people coming on his property, so he started dressing up as “The Lizard man” to scare them away – LOL!! We ate at a local place recommended by the camp host – “Harry and Harry Too”. Lizard man made his presence well known as there were several newspaper clippings with long stories, framed on the walls. He also made quite the appearance on the restaurant sign.

Ya know? Since we started this retirement adventure, we’ve seen thousands of different styles of RV’s. Once in a while, you see one that just catches your eye. We love how people personalize what they own!


IMG-3454IMG-3454 IMG-3455IMG-3455 IMG-3456IMG-3456 MJK_2776 MKMJK_2776 MK PXL_20230725_171853375PXL_20230725_171853375 MJK_2803 MKMJK_2803 MK


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/july-24-july-28-bishopville-south-carolina Fri, 11 Aug 2023 01:39:05 GMT
July 17 – July 24 Santee, South Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/july-17-july-24-santee-south-carolina Santee State Park

Another very nice park located on Lake Marion.  If it weren’t so dang HOT and humid, we could have enjoyed some nice walking trails……but…. we are in the heart of summer and in South Carolina!  Oh, and then there are those lovely nightly thunderstorms that roll through…. whew!!!


  This park in particular is loaded with “flying” squirrels – LOL!!  And these little buggers like to eat the nuts from all the pinecones and then drop them from above out of the trees.  We haven’t been on the roof of the Airstream lately but we’re hoping there are no “dents” from the discarded cores!!


It’s a bit off the beaten path so to speak but within 30 minutes’ drive to a couple of nice towns.  In fact, it was so HOT one day; we said “hey, let’s go to the movies”!  Something we don’t do very often.  So off to see “Mission Impossible” we went. 

Another day, we drove to Summerville and then on to Charleston with some longtime friends that Donna went to high school together in the Philippines – Sue Gage, Lisa Gage Patrick and her hubby Randall.  Randall chauffeured us around the gorgeous city of Charleston.  Oh my - the architect on the homes and buildings is just scrumptious.  We had been to Charleston a couple of times in the past, but it’s one of those cities that draw you back.  We had Linner (lunch/dinner) at the old Charleston Navy base which sits right on the water.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day!!

Charlston SC (413) MKCharlston SC (413) MK Charlston SC (270) MKCharlston SC (270) MK Charlston SC (429) MKCharlston SC (429) MK MJK_2107 MKMJK_2107 MK MJK_2056 MKMJK_2056 MK MJK_2444 MKMJK_2444 MK Charlston SC (179) MKCharlston SC (179) MK Charlston SC (366) MKCharlston SC (366) MK Charlston SC (48) MKCharlston SC (48) MK


Still in the land of huge agriculture, we passed acre after acre of corn, soybeans, tobacco, and peanuts. 

IMG-3449IMG-3449 IMG-3434IMG-3434

One of the advantages of taking smaller secondary roads versus freeways, is you get to see all of the quirky tiny towns, and some have just images left of what they used to be – which is sad.   Others seem to be thriving – how?  Not sure…….

IMG-3448IMG-3448 IMG-3447IMG-3447 IMG-3446IMG-3446



[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/8/july-17-july-24-santee-south-carolina Fri, 11 Aug 2023 00:08:22 GMT
July 9 – 17 Dillon, South Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/7/july-9-17-dillon-south-carolina Little Pee Dee State Park

What do you do when you are close to “South of the Border”? (the North Carolina/South Carolina line).  Of course you have to go look at all the “stuff”!!  We had been before but ya know, you just have to.  It’s just one of those things.  And….it was HOT………


image0000001image0000001 image00000011image00000011

Another day we drove to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, to meet some longtime friends, Jim and Lyn Markham.  We’ve known them since we lived in Leesburg, VA many moons ago.  This is the second time we’ve gotten to see them on our travels.  We had lunch at the “Hippie Hen House”.  It’s a favorite for the locals and we can see why.  Very yummy food….




After leaving Jim and Lyn, we were close to Myrtle Beach, so why not?  We had been there before but hey, it’s Myrtle Beach!  We did a bit of shopping at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Broadway at the Beach.  We can always find SOMETHING even if we don’t need it – LOL!!

We had seen on the local news about a shooting at a Waffle House nearby – not knowing exactly where it was, we stumbled upon it as we were heading back to the park.  Seems some folks got pretty rowdy in the middle of the night – drunk and disorderly – decided they wanted something to eat – and who knows what really happened – other than a bunch of windows got shot out.  Nobody hurt….



And can we just say that the trees around here that have the Spanish Moss growing from them are pretty cool looking!!!


IMG-3415IMG-3415 Squirrel (47) MKSquirrel (47) MK MJK_1805 MKMJK_1805 MK MJK_1608 MKMJK_1608 MK IMG-3419IMG-3419 Hike MKHike MK IMG-3430IMG-3430 IMG-3417IMG-3417 MJK_1753 MKMJK_1753 MK MJK_1830 MKMJK_1830 MK MJK_1728 MKMJK_1728 MK MJK_1948 MKMJK_1948 MK


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/7/july-9-17-dillon-south-carolina Wed, 26 Jul 2023 02:32:06 GMT
July 5 – July 9 Elizabethtown, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/7/july-5-july-9-elizabethtown-north-carolina Jones Lake State Park

We almost had the place to ourselves! Considering it was in the 90-degree range, I can understand why.

Whew – we need to get used to this heat and humidity!

We had a great campsite – beautiful park – a nice lake with a beach area….but it was just too dang hot to hang outside.

The cute town of Elizabethtown was just minutes away. We poked around the town several times – in and out of the cute little shops. We had lunch at…………. Melvins

Well, it IS one of the top 100 places to eat while in North Carolina! They’ve been in business since 1938. Burgers, Hot Dogs, chips and drinks…. and the line was out the door!! They’ve got it down to a science…. we were sitting down with our burgers/drinks within 10 minutes.

Where can two of you eat for under $12.00??? If you order a Burger “all the way”, you get it with Chili, Mustard, Onions, and Slaw. Watching the assembly line while they put orders together was quite a site – LOL!!


67808985199282459466780898519928245946 23286247181065564802328624718106556480 25206310289763914072520631028976391407


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/7/july-5-july-9-elizabethtown-north-carolina Sat, 15 Jul 2023 15:20:11 GMT
June 26 – July 5  Pollocksville, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/7/june-26-july-5-pollocksville-north-carolina Magnolia Lane Campground and RV Resort

Where in the world is Pollocksville?  Well………it’s off the beaten path for sure!  But what a hidden gem we found.  Privately owned and the nicest owners ever!  That North Carolina charm is something that can’t be beat.  Their 4th of July celebration was on the 1st with a complimentary dinner of hot dogs, baked beans, and corn on the cob, cooked on the BIGGEST portable cooker we’ve ever seen!!  The evening topped off with a fantastic fireworks display over the lake. 

PXL_20230701_211048957PXL_20230701_211048957 Magnolia Fireworks (29) MKMagnolia Fireworks (29) MK Magnolia Fireworks (32) MKMagnolia Fireworks (32) MK Magnolia Fireworks (109) MKMagnolia Fireworks (109) MK Magnolia Fireworks (143) MKMagnolia Fireworks (143) MK Magnolia Fireworks (205) MKMagnolia Fireworks (205) MK Magnolia Fireworks (224) MKMagnolia Fireworks (224) MK Magnolia Fireworks (233) MKMagnolia Fireworks (233) MK Magnolia Fireworks (261) MKMagnolia Fireworks (261) MK Magnolia Fireworks (305) MKMagnolia Fireworks (305) MK Magnolia Fireworks (414) MKMagnolia Fireworks (414) MK Magnolia Fireworks (430) MKMagnolia Fireworks (430) MK Magnolia Fireworks (559) MKMagnolia Fireworks (559) MK Magnolia Fireworks (609) MKMagnolia Fireworks (609) MK Magnolia Fireworks (634) MKMagnolia Fireworks (634) MK Magnolia Fireworks (645) MKMagnolia Fireworks (645) MK Magnolia Fireworks (644) MKMagnolia Fireworks (644) MK

We were about 30 minutes from New Bern in one direction and Swansboro/Cedar Point/Emerald Isle in the other direction – all surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Intercostal Waterway, and the Bogue Sound.   

We did a day trip to the historic district of New Bern.  It’s a beautiful town.  We saw lots of cool historic homes, neat little shops, the most gorgeous Episcopal Church, and lots of neat places to eat (of course).   The town “mascot” is a Bear, full size bears – all hand painted.  We stopped at the Visitors Center to get a map which provides you with the location of more than 60 of them!!!  Scavenger hunt………………….


New Bern (71) MKNew Bern (71) MK New Bern (77) MKNew Bern (77) MK New Bern (112) MKNew Bern (112) MK

Another day trip took us on a full loop to Swansboro/Cedar Point/Emerald Isle.  There’re typical beach towns with a few neat shops and places to eat.  Lots of houses on stilts right on the water’s edge.  At the very northern tip of Emerald Isle is Fort Macon which we spent some time poking around – soaking in more history of the area.


In between the towns are miles and miles of agriculture farms – tobacco, corn, cotton, peanuts, and a few sunflowers thrown in here and there.  What a great part of the country, which we truly love!!



[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/7/june-26-july-5-pollocksville-north-carolina Sat, 15 Jul 2023 00:16:53 GMT
June 26 – 29 Washington, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/7/june-26-29-washington-north-carolina Goose Creek State Park

We had a beautiful, sunny drive – getting closer and closer to the beach areas. One thing we’ve both noticed is how beautiful the medians are – silly huh? But really – they are all beautifully manicured with lots of nice trees and flowers. It’s all quite welcoming…and then once off the main highways, very rural in this part of NC – more gorgeous countryside.





The campground is a small, quaint park with only 20 sites. It’s a very nice place to land for several days.

IMG-3371IMG-3371 IMG-3370IMG-3370


It wouldn’t be an adventure without some excitement. The first night we had a WHOPPER thunderstorm come thru that woke us and everybody else up.  Donna was woken by the sound of the POURING rain and snapping sounds. Now wide awake, we could see lots of activity with red lights and such, across the park. An ambulance left along with many other types of machinery. Turns out a tall pine tree had fallen on a trailer and one occupant was taken to the hospital. We understand that she was hurt but was going to be okay. Needless to say it was a pretty sleepless night.



Not much around except for acres and acres of farm land growing tobacco and corn. The corn is almost “knee high by the 4th of July”!!



As always, we can find interesting things where we are. We passed through this area many years ago to ride the ferry to Okracoke Island on the Outer Banks of NC. Ferry, you say??

Well, there just happens to be many of them in this region. One only 12 miles from where we stayed, so we hopped on it one afternoon and rode it across the Pamlico River to the small ghost town of Aurora.



Dragon Fly (3) MKDragon Fly (3) MK Dragon Fly (535) MKDragon Fly (535) MK MJK_9931 MKMJK_9931 MK


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/7/june-26-29-washington-north-carolina Mon, 03 Jul 2023 00:27:00 GMT
June 21 - 26 Wake Forest, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-21---26-wake-forest-north-carolina Falls Lake State Recreation Area

Rain, rain go away – come back again some other day!! As we traveled from our previous site, we called Airstream of Greensboro to plead our case once again (we had called them yesterday and they had no time for us), that there was still something not quite right with The Sandman – we live full time on the road, and we REALLY needed Airstream to make it right. Low and behold, the Service Technician said swing by, and we’ll fit you in. Music to our ears!!! Yayyy! The road Gods were looking after us…….we changed course just slightly and within an hour, we were there. A few hours later, they had us all fixed up and, on the road, again. Whew!!! Yes!!! Thank you………….happy dance………..



The first 3 days in Wake Forest, it poured and poured. Ugggg…there is nothing worse in Donna’s eyes than camping in the rain. But………it gave us a chance to finally check out the A/C in The Sandman – and the Dehumidifier. Yes – we are now in HOT and HUMID country which we’ve not lived in for many years. Both working as they should – another happy dance LOL!!!!

IMG-3358IMG-3358 IMG-3362IMG-3362 IMG-3359IMG-3359



IMG-3369IMG-3369 IMG-3368IMG-3368 IMG-3356IMG-3356


Once the sun finally came out, we got a chance to meet our neighbor kitty, Galveston. It was a hoot watching him “chirp” at the birds and squirrels. He was quite good at climbing the trees close by too – LOL!! His parents had him on a long leash so no worries about him running off.

IMG-3367 (1)IMG-3367 (1)


Mike’s sister and family live in the area. It’s been quite a while since we spent any quality time with them. We had so much fun sightseeing, eating, laughing, drinking, and catching up.

Hike with Leanne (39) MKHike with Leanne (39) MK Hike with Leanne (55) MKHike with Leanne (55) MK Hike with Leanne (102) MKHike with Leanne (102) MK Hike with Leanne (110) MKHike with Leanne (110) MK Hike with Leanne (139) MKHike with Leanne (139) MK Hike with Leanne (168) MKHike with Leanne (168) MK Hike with Leanne (220) MKHike with Leanne (220) MK Hike with Leanne (289) MKHike with Leanne (289) MK PXL_20230625_225709465PXL_20230625_225709465 PXL_20230625_224955648PXL_20230625_224955648 PXL_20230625_224729372PXL_20230625_224729372 Hike with Leanne (420) MKHike with Leanne (420) MK



[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-21---26-wake-forest-north-carolina Thu, 29 Jun 2023 03:19:10 GMT
June 20 – 21 Charlotte, North Carolina https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-20-21-charlotte-north-carolina McDowell Nature Preserve

We get it – everyone needs rain but………..can we just get a dry morning to hitch up and get on the road??? Welp – not today. It was a nasty morning, a nasty drive and we arrived at our campsite as the rain finally let up a bit.

A super beautiful place, nestled in the woods, and we were sad that we were only staying overnight. Our plans to be there longer got screwed up when The Sandman got sick and we ended up in Virginia a few days more than anticipated. Oh well – things happen and we roll with the day………..

We did manage to get a nice walk in after getting set up, to the Nature Preserve itself. A nice LONG walk after a stressful drive, was just what the doctor ordered LOL!!! There is just “something” about nature, hearing the frogs croak, watching the lightning bugs start to buzz around as night falls, and finally seeing some stars appear.


IMG-3341IMG-3341 IMG-3337IMG-3337 IMG-3338IMG-3338 image000000image000000


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-20-21-charlotte-north-carolina Thu, 29 Jun 2023 02:01:24 GMT
June 16 - 20 Christiansburg, Virginia https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-16---20-christiansburg-virginia Interstate RV Park

It’s all great until it isn’t!! As we were getting ready to leave our last place, Claytor Lake State Park, our front stabilizers wouldn’t go up. Uh oh….Houston – we have a problem! We check other things and nothing, nada……….we check the inside CZone which is our control module for the entire rig and nothing, nada….batteries are showing dead, dead, dead. So….we get on the phone with Jackson Center which is where the Airstreams are made. They gave us some suggestions to try.  Did that – nothing worked. But we were able to hand crank the stabilizer up.

Next up – we called Coach Net which is the warranty roadside assistance thru Airstream. They found a guy – he came out – turns out he was a Bus and Truck mechanic – so no help. We get back on the phone with Coach Net. They find an RV mechanic close to us – Luke with Nomads RV shop. We talk. He can come to us – but…………we have to be out of our site by 4:00. The park is FULL so we had to leave. It’s now 2:30. We ended up towing The Sandman to Nomads. Luke does a quick look at things and finds at least 2 blow fuses amongst other things. Of course, it’s late on a Friday so nothing can be done until Monday.



Luke helps us find an RV Park close by. Off we go. We spend all day Saturday calling places and driving all over looking for this special fuse. We find one at a local Dodge Dealer. All Airstream places are closed on the weekends – figures!! We called our besties Jon and Becky in CA to help. They found another fuse at a local Dodge dealer and sent it via Fed Ex for Monday arrival. All weekend we endure the CZone doing its reset and general wonkiness.

PXL_20230619_191548776PXL_20230619_191548776 PXL_20230619_124545929PXL_20230619_124545929 IMG-3332IMG-3332


Monday in pouring rain, we hitch up and take the Sandman to Nomads for more work. Luke does his best to get us up and running. But…..there are a few things we feel still need to be done by Airstream………..back to the RV Park for one more night….

IMG-3331IMG-3331 IMG-3334IMG-3334 IMG-3327IMG-3327 IMG-3329IMG-3329



[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-16---20-christiansburg-virginia Wed, 28 Jun 2023 03:08:51 GMT
June 14 - 16 Dublin, Virginia https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-14---16-dublin-virginia Claytor Lake State Park
We have such a renewed appreciation for the hard-working farmers who grow the food
needed to feed a hungry nation. The vast fields and crops, now just beginning to sprout,
are awe-inspiring.

IMG-3290IMG-3290 IMG-3292IMG-3292
The lightning bugs are out! The past couple of weeks we’ve begun to see them all over the
place. I think we can all remember as kids (if you lived in an area that had them), catching
them in a jar, poking a hole in the top, and watching their little bodies light up…..
As we’ve moved eastward, we are seeing more deer and beautiful woodpeckers. It’s also
bear country so there are plenty of warnings out and about. The grasses are full of bunnies bouncing thru the woods and the night sky stars?

IMG-3298IMG-3298 IMG-3296IMG-3296 IMG-3302IMG-3302


Wow – most of the parks we’ve been in
should be designated as Dark Sky Parks. The stars look as if you could reach out and grab
Claytor Lake is no exception to the beautiful places we’ve laid our heads at night!!
This area is close to our hearts as both of our kids graduated from college in the area. Our
son went to Virginia Tech and our daughter went to Radford University. We spent a day
playing tourist at both places. We had lunch at one of our favorites – Macado’s. Oh so

PXL_20230615_161859719PXL_20230615_161859719 PXL_20230615_162143058PXL_20230615_162143058 PXL_20230615_200233221PXL_20230615_200233221 PXL_20230615_203529394PXL_20230615_203529394 PXL_20230615_200019597PXL_20230615_200019597


We have been enjoying all the beautiful Magnolia trees now in bloom.


PXL_20230615_162021836PXL_20230615_162021836 PXL_20230615_162041051PXL_20230615_162041051


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-14---16-dublin-virginia Mon, 19 Jun 2023 00:07:27 GMT
June 12 - 14 Appomattox, Virginia https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-12---14-appomattox-virginia Holliday Lake State Park

It can’t be beautiful and sunny every day. Today was driving in the rain and fog with white knuckles, as we drove up into the mountains. Every day is a new adventure!!



Visiting another beautiful state park. I know – peat and repeat – LOL!! But…this is why we try to stay at them. Nice lake with a small beach and many other amenities.


Being in the heart of Civil War history country, we went to the National Historical Park. Mike loving history, was in his element. It was pretty neat to see the “McLean House” and other buildings restored with reenactors. Many of the restored buildings included artifacts and stories from the surrender signing ending the civil war.

Appomattox (6) MKAppomattox (6) MK Appomattox (10) MKAppomattox (10) MK Appomattox (14) MKAppomattox (14) MK Appomattox (22) MKAppomattox (22) MK Appomattox (40) MKAppomattox (40) MK Appomattox (50) MKAppomattox (50) MK Appomattox (59) MKAppomattox (59) MK Appomattox (66) MKAppomattox (66) MK Appomattox (95) MKAppomattox (95) MK Appomattox (101) MKAppomattox (101) MK Appomattox (145) MKAppomattox (145) MK Appomattox (150) MKAppomattox (150) MK

We had lunch at a local place called Granny Bee’s – recommended by one of the Park Rangers. It was a cute home town cookin kinda place. Yummy! We poked our heads into a couple of the local shops before heading to the American Civil War Museum. It was chock full of more history and artifacts. A really nice exhibit from students at Virginia Tech and the museum, chronicling stories from freed slaves after the war ended.

Moth (9) MKMoth (9) MK




[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-12---14-appomattox-virginia Sun, 18 Jun 2023 01:43:38 GMT
June 9 - 12 New Market, Virginia https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-9---12-new-market-virginia Endless Caverns RV Park

The Virginia countryside is simply stunning!  When we lived in Northern Virginia, we frequented the country a lot.  Now that we are seeing it in a different light by living in our home on wheels, we cherish every moment – life is short – and this area is just gorgeous.  The Blue Ridge and the Alleghany mountains is quite the site, especially on a clear day. 

image000002image000002 MJK_7523 MKMJK_7523 MK MJK_7644 MKMJK_7644 MK

The RV Park is home to the Endless Caverns.  Instead of having a “timed” entry and limited time to enjoy, we chose to go to Luray Caverns.  It had been many years since we had been there, and they didn’t disappoint.  There were several small museums there, one being a Car and Carriage Museum.  My oh my were there some beautiful automobiles!!!  We poked around the little town and had lunch at one of the only places open (it’s a very SMALL town).

Luray Carverns (220) MKLuray Carverns (220) MK Luray Carverns (279) MKLuray Carverns (279) MK Luray Carverns (303) MKLuray Carverns (303) MK

image000000image000000 Luray Carverns (340) MKLuray Carverns (340) MK Luray Carverns (422) MKLuray Carverns (422) MK Luray Carverns (452) MKLuray Carverns (452) MK

Luray Carverns (609) MKLuray Carverns (609) MK

We found lots to do at the RV Park.  We dipped our toes in the swimming pool.  We hiked up to the Endless Caverns sign from our camp site.  Once at the top – wowzer – the views are stunning to say the least!!  We poked around the quaint little historical town of New Market where we found the General Store to be quite popular.  We had dinner at the Southern Kitchen where we had heard they had THE BEST fried chicken.  Well…..we scarfed it all down – LOL!!


Luray Carverns (673) MKLuray Carverns (673) MK Luray Carverns (960) MKLuray Carverns (960) MK Weeds (113) MKWeeds (113) MK Luray Carverns (639) MKLuray Carverns (639) MK Luray Carverns (635) MKLuray Carverns (635) MK


We celebrated our 40th Anniversary while there.  We enjoyed steaks outside, with beautiful weather and a couple of spirits in hand. 




[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/june-9---12-new-market-virginia Sun, 18 Jun 2023 00:10:57 GMT
May 26 – June 9 Ashburn, Virginia https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/may-26-june-9-ashburn-virginia  

“Mooch docking” at Son-In-Laws Mothers driveway

Originally we were going to be camping at a super neat place called Lake Fairfax in Reston,Virginia, near where we used to live when we were in the area many years ago. However, our son-in-law’s Mom offered part of her driveway for us to park The Sandman in, while staying in Northern Virginia. Okay – perfect! Saved us some $$ which we very much appreciated. Our daughter offered for us to stay at her house in Ashburn, Virginia instead. Our son and his family, live nearby so it was the best of both worlds!

IMG-3268IMG-3268 IMG-3202IMG-3202


Two main reasons for our trip to Virginia from our starting point in So Cal were: we hadn’t seen our family in a while and after 18 months of waiting for a full military honors burial for Donna’s father at Arlington National Cemetery, the date was finally been set for Friday June 2 nd . Mike’s brother Steve flew in from the San Francisco area and our bestie Jonathan Harry flew in from Huntington Beach, CA. Many other friends of the family and military acquaintances came from different places to be with us. The day was beautiful………..

IMG_4414IMG_4414 IMG_4420IMG_4420 IMG_4438IMG_4438 IMG_4489IMG_4489 IMG_1541IMG_1541 IMG_1550IMG_1550 IMG_4374IMG_4374 PXL_20230602_122502778.MPPXL_20230602_122502778.MP PXL_20230602_131818931PXL_20230602_131818931 PXL_20230602_185334538PXL_20230602_185334538


We enjoyed some sightseeing – showing Steve and Jon around the area. It had been many years since Steve had been to the DC area and Jon had never been. We took them out to see our home in Harpers Ferry, spent some time at local breweries/wineries and had fun going to our old stomping grounds!!!

Family time is precious to us. Our kids and grands are the bestest!! It’s always bitter sweet when it’s time to go. But………we’ll be back for Christmas!!!

IMG_3213IMG_3213 IMG_3215IMG_3215 PXL_20230602_185834561PXL_20230602_185834561 Uncle Julio FAM dinner (2) MKUncle Julio FAM dinner (2) MK Uncle Julio FAM dinner (847) MKUncle Julio FAM dinner (847) MK Uncle Julio FAM dinner (281) MKUncle Julio FAM dinner (281) MK Uncle Julio FAM dinner (372) MKUncle Julio FAM dinner (372) MK Uncle Julio FAM dinner (225) MKUncle Julio FAM dinner (225) MK Uncle Julio FAM dinner (108) MKUncle Julio FAM dinner (108) MK Uncle Julio FAM dinner (258) MKUncle Julio FAM dinner (258) MK Uncle Julio FAM dinner (893) MKUncle Julio FAM dinner (893) MK



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May 16 - 26 Harpers Ferry, West Virginia https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/may-16---26-harpers-ferry-west-virginia KOA Harpers Ferry

Can we just say that the weather God’s have been great to us? Oh yeah – beauuuuutiful drive from Elkins to Harpers Ferry! Can we say how excited we were to finally arrive????



Not that the KOA was anything special. Some of you know that we bought 5 acres with a house/pool last year in Harpers Ferry – did some renovations and then rented it out while we’re on the road. And………..it is very close to our kids and grands that live in Northern Virginia. Whoo Hoo!!!

We did lots of visiting with the family and a few friends. All were excited to FINALLY see our Airstream – The Sandman. We hooked up with the renters of our house – they invited us over for a yummy steak dinner one night. We’ll admit – it did feel kinda strange to have dinner in OUR dining room with someone else living there. However over the course of the last 6 months, we’ve become pretty good friends with them. We saw them several other times while in the area. We are VERY lucky to have found such a great couple to live in our home they treat it like their own.




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May 14 - 16  Elkins, West Virginia https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/6/may-14---16-elkins-west-virginia Pegasus Farms Campground

Deep in the Alleghany Mountains lies the quaint old town of Elkins.  It’s very close to a very popular ski area called Snowshoe Mountain Resort.  Also close to Seneca Rocks (beautiful rock formations lunging out of the mountains) and Blackwater Falls.  If you’ve never been to this part of the country, it’s simply………..breathtaking everywhere. 

Upon getting close to our campground, we encountered once again, beautiful but narrow back roads.  “Oh look – there are now 10 vehicles backed up behind us”.  Well – it is what it is LOL!!!  Pass us when you can! The road to get into the campground portion of the property was a little nerve racking.  We…..just……fit……whew!!


IMG-3195IMG-3195 IMG-3197IMG-3197 IMG-3199IMG-3199 IMG-3200IMG-3200

We stayed at a family-owned campground.  The owners were the sweetest people ever!  Getting up in age, they told us they had just sold the entire place – the campground, their house on the property, and everything in it Off they go soon to Italy.  It was nice and quiet but close enough to go out exploring the area for a day. One corner of the property was a cemetery with gravestones dating back to the Revolutionary war. 

image000000image000000 Pegasus Farm (68) MKPegasus Farm (68) MK Pegasus Farm (153) MKPegasus Farm (153) MK Pegasus Farm (189) MKPegasus Farm (189) MK Pegasus Farm (201) MKPegasus Farm (201) MK Pegasus Farm (207) MKPegasus Farm (207) MK Pegasus Farm (225) MKPegasus Farm (225) MK Pegasus Farm (254) MKPegasus Farm (254) MK

One corner of the property was a cemetery with gravestones dating back to the Revolutionary war. 


Pegasus Farm (145) MKPegasus Farm (145) MK Pegasus Farm (171) MKPegasus Farm (171) MK Pegasus Farm (111) MKPegasus Farm (111) MK

Did you ever wonder where Kingsford Charcoal is manufactured?  Well….we stumbled upon the plant on a drive up into the mountains.  It’s in a small town called Parsons and has been in business since 1958.  It produces 125,000 tons of charcoal a year – wow!!!  We drove a big loop thru the mountains and back, and didn’t stop to get pictures – darn it……

After a great lunch in the cute town of Thomas, we went looking for a waterfall at the edge of town. WELL… we found ourselves on a very narrow dirt and muddy road near abandon coal mines. All along the river were abandoned brick ovens used to turn the coal into coke that was then used in blast furnaces at the steel mills. Hundreds of ovens made of brick lined the river. Many of the bricks were melted from the heat of the coal. We had fun trying to imagine what life was like back then. It was kind of creepy with nowhere to turn around, and lots of mud. Thank you Ram 4wheel drive for getting us out without any problems.


Pegasus Farm (34) MKPegasus Farm (34) MK Pegasus Farm (48) MKPegasus Farm (48) MK Pegasus Farm (54) MKPegasus Farm (54) MK Pegasus Farm (58) MKPegasus Farm (58) MK





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May 11 – 14 Clifftop, West Virginia (near New River Gorge National Park) Babcock State Park https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/may-11-14-clifftop-west-virginia-near-new-river-gorge-national-park-babcock-state-park We’re starting to sound like a broken record, but man oh man you just can’t beat these state

parks! They are beautiful all across this country. This one was no exception – it’s HUGE

and had all of the amenities including laundry. Yes – we have to “adult” every now and then

which includes having clean sheets and clothes – LOL!!!


The drive to get there was clear, green, and towards the end, a VERY skinny road. Here

we go again – both looking at each other – hoping that NO ONE comes the other direction

as where the heck are we supposed to pull over just a tad??? Um….no…….that was after

the downhill “8% truck grade” and the sharp curves every 10 seconds!

IMG-3164IMG-3164 IMG-3165IMG-3165 IMG-3179IMG-3179

Within the campground is the well-known (around here) Glade Creek Grist Mill – a fully

functional replica of the original Cooper’s Mill, which once stood on the grounds. Absolutely

stunning waterfalls everywhere…..there are over 16 different trails to hike, with overlooks into the River Gorge….wow just wow!!

image000000image000000 New River Gorge (38) MKNew River Gorge (38) MK New River Gorge (105) MKNew River Gorge (105) MK PXL_20230512_143952678PXL_20230512_143952678 IMG-3171IMG-3171

New River Gorge (112) copyNew River Gorge (112) copy


This park is close to the New River Gorge National Park which was on our bucket list.

OMG!!! Just breathtaking………………………………………………………………..the bridge

is taller than we could have ever imagined. Its 3,030’ tall…..

We had one good day to site see then it rained the entire next day. We were glad to see

what we came here to see.

IMG-3183IMG-3183 New River Gorge (160) MKNew River Gorge (160) MK New River Gorge (675) MKNew River Gorge (675) MK PXL_20230512_165412201PXL_20230512_165412201

New River Gorge (155) MKNew River Gorge (155) MK

“Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong, West Virginia”.

We realize we are fortunate to be able to travel as we do. We’ve seen some rather

Interesting places as we forge across this beautiful country…often times in VERY rural


IMG-3184IMG-3184 IMG-3185IMG-3185




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May 8 - 11 New Matamoras, Ohio (near Marietta) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/may-8---11-new-matamoras-ohio-near-marietta Leith Run Campground in the Wayne National Forest

Camping on the Ohio River – Wow!!! A small, quaint, quiet park with only 19 sites.

IMG-3160IMG-3160 IMG-3159IMG-3159 Marietta (973) MKMarietta (973) MK Marietta (349) MKMarietta (349) MK


Watching the barges go by, with supplies we all use every day, was simply amazing and

peaceful. Getting off the grid so to speak, we’ve learned so much about how some of our

supplies get from here to there….

The drive to get here was…..well……another gorgeous canvas of green………lots of

bridges and construction, even a nuclear power plant……Mike handled the roads like we’ve been doing this forever!!

Marietta (14) MKMarietta (14) MK


A bucket list for Mike on this part of the trip was to visit Marietta, Ohio where he spent some of his childhood years. We drove by his old house and neighborhood in the suburb of Devola, stopped at the Locks and Dam down the street where he went fishing with his dad and brother Steve many years ago.


PXL_20230509_161207212PXL_20230509_161207212 Marietta (431) MKMarietta (431) MK


Then we headed to the town of Marietta, had a bite for lunch and

poked around a bit more. A small quaint town and pretty neat.

image000000image000000 Marietta (180) MKMarietta (180) MK Marietta (702) MKMarietta (702) MK Marietta (703) MKMarietta (703) MK Marietta (1102) MKMarietta (1102) MK Marietta (1151) MKMarietta (1151) MK

We took an 8-mile hike on a marked trail through the Wayne National Forest – started at the

campground. Saw some very interesting things along the way. Who knew that there would

be water pumps that look just like oil well pumps in the middle of nowhere????


image0000001image0000001 Marietta (1024) MKMarietta (1024) MK Marietta (908) MKMarietta (908) MK Marietta (1062) MKMarietta (1062) MK

Marietta (1075) MKMarietta (1075) MK

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May 5 - 8 Olive Hill, Kentucky https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/may-5---8-olive-hill-kentucky Grayson Lake State Park

The drive to this park from the previous one was another gorgeous day of scenery. Our

GPS (Gwendolyn) said hey – I’m going to re-route you on a REALLY scenic drive and boy

did she ever!! After getting off the main road, we meandered thru a road fit for ONE vehicle

– not two. Very narrow – no shoulders and wouldn’t you know it, a little bit of construction to

add to the white knuckled excitement after arriving……we were ready for……………..some dinner and


It’s Cinco de Mayo!!! And the sweet little town of Grayson had one great Mexican

restaurant. We had to drive into town after setting up camp anyway – as we ran into an

issue that was new to us. The water spigot hook up was WAY OVER THERE…..and OVER

THERE, we need a MUCH LONGER water hose.

The next day turned out to be simply gorgeous so we took a long hike around Grayson

Lake. We knew rain was coming the next day so today was the day!! We hadn’t hiked in

warm weather in quite a long time – we were prepared but man oh man were we pooped

when we got back…..but…..since we were still in “horse” country, we paid tribute to

Kentucky and watched the Kentucky Derby.

And so it goes – the next day it poured and we had quite the thunderstorm. Something we

both love and didn’t get much of living on the West Coast. Those cracks of thunder sure do

reverberate through the Sandman though!

IMG-3148IMG-3148 IMG-3149IMG-3149 image000000image000000 Grayson Lake (46) MKGrayson Lake (46) MK

One of the campsites had a large group of campers that enjoyed expressing their first amendment rights all weekend.

Grayson Lake (220) MKGrayson Lake (220) MK

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/may-5---8-olive-hill-kentucky Thu, 11 May 2023 02:05:33 GMT
April 30 – May 5 Richmond, Kentucky (near Lexington) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/april-30-may-5-richmond-kentucky-near-lexington Fort Boonesborough State Park

image000000 (1)image000000 (1) IMG-3144IMG-3144

Did someone say Kentucky Derby? What??? Well…little did we know that this was THE

week!!! But we’re not “horse” peeps so why would be know about the biggest race of the

year – happening near where we were??? LOL….

Mike’s youngest brother David and his family live in the area. Hence the reason for our trip

here, since we’ve not seen them in way too many years. They picked us up for dinner

Monday night and took us to a neato local restaurant to catch up.


 Again it being Kentucky Derby week and what else do you do in Kentucky?

The Bourbon Trail!!! We had no idea how MANY people love doing the Distillery tours and now they all require reservations, we did the closest one that had a tour available.

It was awesome! It’s the only one in the state that is both a brewery and distillery – Lexington

Brewing and Distilling Company.

bourbonbourbon Town Branch Distil (171) MKTown Branch Distil (171) MK Town Branch Distil (246) MKTown Branch Distil (246) MK Town Branch Distil (279) MKTown Branch Distil (279) MK Town Branch Distil (286) MKTown Branch Distil (286) MK Town Branch Distil (73) MKTown Branch Distil (73) MK

Wednesday Dave and Robin picked us up and we went on a hike in a beautiful area that ended at a

waterfall. Then off to lunch in the cute little town of Berea. Oh and if you’re ever looking for

really cool wooden toys and some kitchen things, David makes them by hand and has his

wares for sale in several Artisan shops, and in his etsy shop – “Kazwoodcraft”.

Golf? What??? Just kidding – mini golf at the campground…we hadn’t played in several

years – fun afternoon on a nice sunny day.

DaveRobinDonnaMeHike (3) MKDaveRobinDonnaMeHike (3) MKMay Apples DaveRobinDonnaMeHike (45) MKDaveRobinDonnaMeHike (45) MKCrane fly DaveRobinDonnaMeHike (60) MKDaveRobinDonnaMeHike (60) MK DaveRobinDonnaMeHike (75) MKDaveRobinDonnaMeHike (75) MK DaveRobinDonnaMeHike (136) MKDaveRobinDonnaMeHike (136) MK DaveRobinDonnaMeHike (153) MKDaveRobinDonnaMeHike (153) MK DaveRobinDonnaMeHike (227) MKDaveRobinDonnaMeHike (227) MK DaveRobinDonnaMeHike (287) MKDaveRobinDonnaMeHike (287) MK DaveRobinDonnaMeHike (325) MKDaveRobinDonnaMeHike (325) MK

When Daniel Boone and his men reached the Kentucky River on April 1, 1775, they quickly moved to

establish Kentucky’s second settlement – the site still known as Fort Boonesborough. The fort has been

reconstructed as a working fort complete with cabins, blockhouses and

furnishings. 18th century life skills and period craft demonstrations bring history to life.

A ball cap and coffee cup from the USS Daniel Boone, a submarine Mike worked on while in the Navy.

Fort Boonsborough (47) MKFort Boonsborough (47) MK Fort Boonsborough (52) MKFort Boonsborough (52) MK Fort Boonsborough (84) MKFort Boonsborough (84) MK Fort Boonsborough (69) MKFort Boonsborough (69) MK  

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/april-30-may-5-richmond-kentucky-near-lexington Sun, 07 May 2023 01:56:57 GMT
April 29 - 30 Cave City, Kentucky https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/april-29---30-cave-city-kentucky Cave Country RV Campground

This was a quick overnight stop on the way to our next destination. A very nice place – clean – and we did laundry – Yayyy!! Some beautiful scenery along the way to include a replica of the Washington Monument in Fairview, Kentucky. It was completed in 1924 and resides in the Jefferson Davis State Historic Park. It was added to the National Historic Register in 1973.

image000000image000000 IMG-3135IMG-3135 IMG-3136IMG-3136


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/april-29---30-cave-city-kentucky Mon, 01 May 2023 21:21:51 GMT
April 28-29 Metropolis, Illinois https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/april-28-29-metropolis-illinois Fort Massac State Park

We just can’t say enough great things about State Parks – they seem to get better and better! We had another nice site with a small view of the Ohio River. After arriving, we took a long walk around the campground and down to the river. Such beauty in the most amazing places that we never knew existed.

IMG-3126IMG-3126 IMG-3128 (1)IMG-3128 (1) IMG-3130IMG-3130 IMG-3132IMG-3132

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/april-28-29-metropolis-illinois Mon, 01 May 2023 20:50:24 GMT
April 27-28 Pocahontas, Arkansas https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/april-27-28-pocahontas-arkansas Davidsonville Historical State Park

What a beautiful, quaint, quiet park. We wished we could have stayed longer. Driving in the rain most of the day was no fun and we were pretty pooped by the time we arrived – no sightseeing – no time. Our site was across the street from a very nice lake with a walking/biking trail along side. We’ll have to keep this one on the list to come back someday! IMG-3111 (2)IMG-3111 (2) IMG-3118IMG-3118 IMG-3119IMG-3119 IMG-3124IMG-3124


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/5/april-27-28-pocahontas-arkansas Mon, 01 May 2023 20:43:45 GMT
April 18-27 Branson, Missouri https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/april-18-27-branson-missouri Indian Point – Table Rock Lake Army Corps of Engineers Campground

Welp – we didn’t move far – a few miles on the other side of Table Rock Lake – to yet another beautiful place by the lake to lay our heads for a week and continue to enjoy the area.

But………before arriving – our Sandman needed a bit of warranty work done at a local dealership in Springfield, MO. So, off we went 40 miles in the opposite direction for an early morning appointment, we had arranged before arriving in Missouri. 5 hours later, with everything fixed, we headed to the campground. All is good!!!!!

The scenery in the area and not much traffic (at least not what we were used to in So Cal), made the drive all that more pleasant.

Continuing our stay in the area, we had more sightseeing and things to accomplish.

PXL_20230425_140831953PXL_20230425_140831953 IMG-3092IMG-3092

But….what is up with the weather here? We had a beautiful week of high 70’s and then another massive thunderstorm with tornadoes rolled thru. No damage thankfully! But the

Temperature dropped about 30 degrees…burr!


Again, bundling up, we explored a bit more of historic downtown Branson and the outlying areas. Another day we drove about an hour to explore Springfield. We took a jeep ride through the “Fantastic Caverns” which didn’t disappoint….wow such beautiful stalactites and stalagmites!!!  The cave was discovered in 1862 by John Knox looking for his lost dog. He kept it a secret for 4 years because of the civil war. Over the years visitors paid to enter but because of limited light sources they couldn’t go very deep. In 1867, 12 local women from The Springfield Athletic Club volunteered to document the cave, even signing their names on the walls. Over the years the cave was used as a Speak Easy and even a recording studio for many bands, and then the music was played on the local radio station. The tour is a ride in a jeep drawn tram and in some places everyone has to duck down to avoid the rock ceiling.

Fantastic (4) MKFantastic (4) MK Fantastic (38) MKFantastic (38) MK Fantastic (45) MKFantastic (45) MK Fantastic (96) MKFantastic (96) MK Fantastic (108) MKFantastic (108) MK Fantastic (170) MKFantastic (170) MK Fantastic (282) MKFantastic (282) MK Fantastic (307) MKFantastic (307) MK  

Another bucket list item for Donna was to visit the High School her father graduated from, prior to joining the Navy in 1939. Her grandmother taught at Drury University, across the street from the High School.





Oh – and have you ever been to the World's Largest Toy Museum??? Well…..it just happened to be right here in Branson. Wowzer – toy overload…..


To end our fantastic time in Branson, our previous neighbors for 18 years in California –Ross and Jamie Hesseling, met up with us for a couple of days. They own property there and planned a short vacation so we could hang out.

We HAD to stop at the Headquarters of Bass Pro Shop. Wow – Wow – Wow – it was HUGE!! It’s the granddaddy of them all for sure!!  We did more sightseeing, ate yummy food and went to Top of the Rock – another property owned by the same person who owns Dogwood Canyon and Bass Pro Shops – Johnny Morris.


    FB_IMG_1682505139980FB_IMG_1682505139980 FB_IMG_1682505246591FB_IMG_1682505246591 PXL_20230425_212556637PXL_20230425_212556637 Top of the Rock (103) MKTop of the Rock (103) MK Top of the Rock (117) MKTop of the Rock (117) MK Top of the Rock (126) MKTop of the Rock (126) MK Top of the Rock (227) MKTop of the Rock (227) MK Top of the Rock (242) MKTop of the Rock (242) MK Top of the Rock (269) MKTop of the Rock (269) MK Top of the Rock (297) MKTop of the Rock (297) MK Top of the Rock (384) MKTop of the Rock (384) MK       

The highest elevation near Branson, with uninterrupted views of the Ozark Mountains and Table Rock Lake. Top of the Rock is nestled among some of the most breathtaking scenery in Missouri. Part of the experience is a 45-minute golf cart drive through a cave, covered bridges and waterfalls with a stop for a beverage at the Bat bar. Sunset ends the evening with a bagpiper and a cannon blast next to the chapel.








[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/april-18-27-branson-missouri Sun, 30 Apr 2023 02:41:06 GMT
April 10-18 Branson, Missouri https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/april-10-18-branson-missouri Table Rock State Park

 Our relatively short drive from the previous campground was gorgeous. The rolling hills were filled with blooming trees, flowers, green pastures, and shelf rocks. Stunning scenery!!

Missouri itself offers an abundance of things to do, the “Show Me” state. Branson specifically, seems to be the center of a tourist mecca with a plethora of whatever you need or want to do. It’s there! We rode our bikes, did a couple of nice hikes, and poked around.



Historical Branson and what is called “the strip”, visited the College of the Ozarks, rode the Branson famous “Mountain Coaster”. 


We spent the day at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, a rugged landscape that has been left untouched and, with just a little imagination, you can travel back to a time when European settlers first entered the area or, even further, to explore the mark that Native Americans left on these Missouri hills and hollows. Today, the park includes a fully functioning mill, restaurant, conservation center, bike barn, a treehouse built by Animal Planet's Treehouse master's and a horse stable facility. We took a guided tram ride through the park.  Johnny Morris CEO of Bass Pro Shops owns the land. Every turn was more breathtaking the last.


 We have been partaking in way too much local food – LOL! Good stuff here!! Oh well….we’ll walk or ride off all those extra calories……


Dogwood (1005) MKDogwood (1005) MK Dogwood (1000) MKDogwood (1000) MK Dogwood (1058) MKDogwood (1058) MK Dogwood (61) MKDogwood (61) MK Dogwood (15) MKDogwood (15) MK Dogwood (135) MKDogwood (135) MK Dogwood (262) MKDogwood (262) MK Dogwood (635) MKDogwood (635) MK Dogwood (739) MKDogwood (739) MK Dogwood (920) MKDogwood (920) MK Dogwood (891) MKDogwood (891) MK Dogwood (877) MKDogwood (877) MK Dogwood (997) MKDogwood (997) MK Dogwood (968) MKDogwood (968) MK Dogwood (954) MKDogwood (954) MK

The first highlight of this portion of the trip was a tip we received from a volunteer at the Table Rock Army Corps of Engineers visitor center (very nice place FYI). He spotted Mikes camera and knew with that equipment, he wasn’t your ordinary tourist. He told us of a small park in town that had a large Bald Eagle nest. So….we headed there and hit gold…..Mama, was in the nest – Daddy showed up with more nesting material and food………and then…….we saw one of the baby’s head pop up. Wowzer! What a fantastic moment!

Eagles (288)A MKEagles (288)A MK Eagles (330) MKEagles (330) MK Eagles (266) MKEagles (266) MK

The second highlight was a tip from our camping neighbor who’s lived in this area all his life. He told us of a “must do” hike. We headed back to Arkansas (about an hour’s drive) to a place called Hawksbill Crag. It’s noted on the web as one of the top 10 hikes in the US and number 1 in Arkansas. It did not disappoint! The hike was scenic and when we got to the Crag (a large rock that overhangs a valley), the views were breathtaking!!! The only other hike we can compare it to was when we lived in San Diego, we hiked “Potato Chip Rock”.

Hawksbill (37) MKHawksbill (37) MK IMG-3078 AIMG-3078 A Hawksbill (166) MKHawksbill (166) MK IMG-3079 AIMG-3079 A


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/april-10-18-branson-missouri Wed, 19 Apr 2023 22:18:45 GMT
April 8-10 Mountain Home, Arkansas https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/april-8-10-mountain-home-arkansas Dam Quarry Army Corps of Engineers Campground

Gotta say – these COE campgrounds do not disappoint! Yet another beautiful place to park

our heads for a few nights. Our site backed up to the White River which was a spillway

below Dam Quarry. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery as the Redbuds and Dogwood

trees were in full bloom.

The sights and sounds of the boats going up and down the river fishing was soothing to say

the least. Sitting out in the nice weather enjoying an adult beverage was something we

hadn’t gotten to do much, but spring has finally sprung! We took a few nice long walks

around the large campground and poked around a few waterfalls. The water being SO

clear enabled us to see marine life and blue herons fishing along the river banks.

Dam Querry (79) MKDam Querry (79) MK unnamedunnamed

DQ site near riverDQ site near river


Dam Quarry MKDam Quarry MK Dam Querry (7) MKDam Querry (7) MK Dam Querry (70) MKDam Querry (70) MK Dam Querry (143) MKDam Querry (143) MK Dam Querry (213) MKDam Querry (213) MK Dam Querry (359) MKDam Querry (359) MK


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/april-8-10-mountain-home-arkansas Sat, 15 Apr 2023 23:30:36 GMT
April 5-8 Pine Bluff Arkansas https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/april-5-8-pine-bluff-arkansas Willow Beach Army Corp of Engineers Campground – Terry Lock and Dam

After Mike’s white-knuckle drive in the rain and tons of construction on the highway, we

were glad our drive from the previous park wasn’t a long one. After setting up in the rain,

we were both ready to partake in an adult beverage.  We both had a good sleep!! We

had a very nice site with the water behind us and in front of us across the main road.

willow-01willow-01 willow-02willow-02 willow-03willow-03

We took off the next day for Little Rock to visit a few places that were suggested. Not the

best of site seeing we’ll admit. We poked around the River Market District downtown for a

short time. The weather was cloudy, windy, and cold so we didn’t walk the River Trail which

we were looking forward to…..next time…..We drove to the “Big Dam Bridge” which is the

longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in the US.

We stumbled upon the area in Little Rock that had been hit by the most recent tornado.

Just devastating to see…..and we thanked our lucky stars because that was the tornado

that missed us!!


As we were driving back to our campsite, we noticed a Bass Pro Shop – hey let’s go!

Neither of us had been to one before – what fun!

At the end of our day, we were treated to a wonderful sunset. willow-04willow-04


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/april-5-8-pine-bluff-arkansas Fri, 07 Apr 2023 23:44:50 GMT
April 2-5 Bismarck Arkansas https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/april-2-5-bismarck-arkansas DeGray Lake Resort State Park

Wow – this place was just Wow – HUGE – and had every amenity you can think of (except

laundry). We had a super nice site that backed up to the woods and had a clear few of the

lake from the front. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t the best while we were there. We

kept a close eye on things as massive storms were due to roll through our area. The night

we arrived a huge thunderstorm rolled through – which was the start of things to come.

DeGray-01DeGray-01 DeGray-02DeGray-02 DeGray-03DeGray-03

The next day was cloudy – a bit chilly – and again a chance for storms. We took a chance on

the forecast which was clear for the day and headed off to Hot Springs.

We first visited the famous Anthony Chapel and the Garvan Woodland Gardens. Pictures

don’t do justice as to how truly beautiful the Chapel and the Gardens are!!

DeGray-05DeGray-05 Anthony Chapel (35) MKAnthony Chapel (35) MK DeGray-06DeGray-06 Anthony Chapel (11) MKAnthony Chapel (11) MK Anthony Chapel (52) MKAnthony Chapel (52) MK Anthony Chapel (79) MKAnthony Chapel (79) MK

Then we headed to the cute town of Hot Springs – had some lunch – enjoyed walking the streets and going

through the Hot Springs National Park. The National Park has done a wonderful job at

preserving the sites. 

The displays were exactly as it would look back in the day. It seems like this was the place to be seen and get healed by the water.

Hot SpringsHot Springs

Hot Springs (1) MKHot Springs (1) MK Hot Springs (19) MKHot Springs (19) MK Hot Springs (39) MKHot Springs (39) MK Hot Springs (44) MKHot Springs (44) MK
Prior to leaving, we drove up to the Hot Springs Mountain Tower that

has a 360 degree view of…………you name it…………everything!! Donna is not thrilled

about being that high up in an open tower but she did it 


And then………….here come the storms again. This time the Park Ranger came around to

every camp site making sure we knew where the safe shelter was and that we were

prepared should we need to evacuate as the tornado watch was looming over us. We were

as prepared as we could be. Phones dialed in to the weather channel with alerts popping

off every few minutes. The HAM radio tuned into the local weather. We listened to the

thunder for hours – watching the lightning all around us. The rain sounds pretty cool from

inside our Airstream!!!


We delayed our departure the morning we left as it was pouring rain with lots of lighting and thunder it was best to let

this set of storms go by before we broke camp. We waited for a small break but alas it

didn’t last very long. We broke camp in the rain – drove to our next destination in the rain –

set up in the rain – and both of us looked like drowned rats by the time it was all said and

done – LOL!! But………….we arrived safe and sound!!


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/april-2-5-bismarck-arkansas Fri, 07 Apr 2023 23:04:53 GMT
March 31- April 2 Pittsburg Texas https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-31--april-2-pittsburg-texas Lake Bob Sandlin State Park

Where in the world is Pittsburg Texas? Well……it’s off the beaten path but another

gorgeous park. We made a short stop to break up driving days. We took several hikes around the

grounds which were mostly along the lake banks so the views were gorgeous! The honeysuckle was in bloom and as always, beware of leaves of three.  

It was finally warm enough again that we could wear T-shirts and shorts – unfortunately short lived –

But nice while it lasted – LOL!! Our last stop in Texas……………..

BobSadlin03BobSadlin03 BobSadlin02BobSadlin02 BobSandlin01BobSandlin01

Bob Sandlin SP (4) MKBob Sandlin SP (4) MK Bob Sandlin SP (29) MKBob Sandlin SP (29) MK Bob Sandlin SP (31) MKBob Sandlin SP (31) MK  



[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-31--april-2-pittsburg-texas Fri, 07 Apr 2023 22:25:39 GMT
March 28-31 Ennis Texas https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-28-31-ennis-texas The Range - Vintage Trailer Resort

On our way to Ennis we stopped at a truck wash to clean off the dust, dirt, and now pollen, 4 months on the road. We were a bit nervous to be hanging with the big boys but a

good word from fellow Airstreamers, THIS was the place to go – Blue Beacon. And….they

were right!! The Manager knew exactly the special care needed to wash an Airstream.

Both Journey and The Sandman got a wonderful spa treatment.  While in the lot

next door drying them both off, the Manager came over to ensure we were happy with the

spa treatment. Now that’s what we call good customer service!!

Truck Wash02Truck Wash02 Truck Wash01Truck Wash01

On to….The Range – Vintage Trailer Resort – where an Airstream family purchased land

and turned it into an Airstream only paradise!! There are spots to rent and

restored vintage Airstream trailers to glamp in for a weekend. We had a beautiful pull thru

spot perfectly situated to enjoy the woods, visiting goats from the neighbor a mile away, The

Barn (where food is served on the weekends), the 67’ Globetrotter restored into a bar,

multiple fire pits, and the lake where you can fish from the bridge. It was quite the place

and we enjoyed treating ourselves for a few days – even free laundry – Yayyy!!

We met Jay and his family visiting from Jackson, Ohio.  He asked about our Airstreams name Sandman. We explained how we came up with the name.  The next day as he was fishing with his son, he told us that his whole family listened to the song by Metallica the night before and they all strongly approved.

The Texas wildflowers were in full bloom. Part of the Bluebonnet Trail was near The Range

so we took full advantage of the drive to enjoy the beautiful countryside.       

Ennis01Ennis01 Ennis02Ennis02 Ennis03Ennis03 Ennis04Ennis04 Ennis05Ennis05 Ennis06Ennis06 Ennis08Ennis08 Ennis07Ennis07 Bluebonnet (143) MKBluebonnet (143) MK Bluebonnet (146) MKBluebonnet (146) MK Bluebonnet (115) MKBluebonnet (115) MK Bluebonnet (158) MKBluebonnet (158) MK Bluebonnet (236) MKBluebonnet (236) MK

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-28-31-ennis-texas Fri, 07 Apr 2023 21:59:40 GMT
March 25-28 Waco Texas https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-25-28-waco-texas Speegleville Army Corps of Engineers Campground

Finally we had summer weather. Green leaves on the trees and grass. We had the best campsite to date. A spot overlooking the lake, warm sunshine and steaks and burgers cooked on the outdoor grill. This is what we have been waiting for. We opened all the trailer windows and let in the fresh air. We met up with our friends Shawn, Kate and their son Carter for a great Mexican dinner.

IMG-2985 (1)IMG-2985 (1) IMG-2986IMG-2986 IMG-2988IMG-2988 IMG-2989IMG-2989 PXL_20230326_125651772_3PXL_20230326_125651772_3 PXL_20230328_011134280.MP_2PXL_20230328_011134280.MP_2


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-25-28-waco-texas Sat, 01 Apr 2023 13:21:51 GMT
March 20-25 Austin Texas https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-20-25-austin-texas Jim Hogg Army Corps of Engineers Campground

We had a great time Tuesday at Hamilton Pool Preserve with Donna’s childhood friend from CA, Robynn, who lives near Austin TX. It’s a beautiful place and we had a great hike, yummy lunch and dinner. We spent a few hours visiting The Lynden Baines Johnson museum. A very impressive museum where we relearned a lot of history. Austin is known for their bat population. Unfortunately, the cooler weather has delayed the migration from Mexico. We didn’t get to see any. We walked to the city’s night life section to enjoy a drink.

Hamilton (172) MKHamilton (172) MK Hamilton (244) copyHamilton (244) copy

Hamilton (23) MKHamilton (23) MK Hamilton (33) MKHamilton (33) MK Hamilton (72) MKHamilton (72) MK Hamilton (99) MKHamilton (99) MK Hamilton (131) MKHamilton (131) MK Hamilton (156) MKHamilton (156) MK image000000image000000 IMG-2974IMG-2974 IMG-6778IMG-6778


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-20-25-austin-texas Sat, 01 Apr 2023 13:06:34 GMT
March 18-20 Tuscola Texas https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-18-20-tuscola-texas Abilene State Park

This is a beautiful quiet state park. The weather was finally getting warm. We broke out our fire pit and enjoyed hiking and nice days.

First day of spring MKFirst day of spring MK IMG-2967IMG-2967 IMG-2968IMG-2968 IMG_20230319_185507IMG_20230319_185507

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-18-20-tuscola-texas Sat, 01 Apr 2023 12:54:04 GMT
March 14-17 Carlsbad New Mexico https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-14-17-carlsbad-new-mexico Coyote Flats RV Park

We visited Carlsbad National Park. Driving through the park Donna saw some big horn sheep on the mountain. Fortunately we found parking and both of us were delighted to see a large herd of both babies and Rams climbing on the cliffs.

Carlsbad (43) MKCarlsbad (43) MK Carlsbad (115) MKCarlsbad (115) MK Carlsbad (125) MKCarlsbad (125) MK Carlsbad (194) MKCarlsbad (194) MK Carlsbad (224) MKCarlsbad (224) MK Carlsbad (226) MKCarlsbad (226) MK Carlsbad (261) MKCarlsbad (261) MK

Silly us we didn’t make reservations before arriving at the Carlsbad Caverns. Spring break week means all reservations were taken. We went up the mountain anyway just to look around. Guess what? A very friendly ranger clued us into if we arrived by 7:30 am the next morning, we might get a couple tickets. Well, luck was on our side! We stood in the freezing cold, 40mph winds and many other tourists hoping for tickets. We not only scored tickets to the self-guided tour, but a ranger guided walk, in rooms only a few people see. That was really cool. At one point he turned off all the lights so we could experience complete darkness in the cave. He used a small torch to show how early explorers searched the cave.

Cave (894) MKCave (894) MK Cave (977) MKCave (977) MK Cave (991) MKCave (991) MK Cave (1032) MKCave (1032) MK Cave (1053) MKCave (1053) MK Cave (1124) MKCave (1124) MK Cave (1157) KCave (1157) K

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-14-17-carlsbad-new-mexico Sat, 01 Apr 2023 12:41:35 GMT
March 11-14 Roswell New Mexico https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-11-14-roswell-new-mexico Bottomless Lakes State Park

In the summer of 1947, a rancher discovered unidentifiable debris in his sheep pasture outside Roswell, New Mexico. Although officials from the local Air Force base asserted that it was a crashed weather balloon, many people believed it was the remains of an extraterrestrial flying saucer; a series of secret “dummy drops” in New Mexico during the 1950s heightened their suspicions. Nearly 50 years after the story of the mysterious debris broke; the U.S. military issued a report linking the incident to a top-secret atomic espionage project called Project Mogul. Still, many people continue to embrace the UFO theory, and hundreds of curiosity seekers visit Roswell every year.

We had so much fun exploring Roswell. Everywhere we turned we encountered another alien. Even the museum was in on the fun. Our favorite was the local McDonalds. It had a spaceship theme, the only McDonalds in the country with a theme other than golden arches.  Of course we had dinner there.  

Aliens (60) MKAliens (60) MK Aliens (86) MKAliens (86) MK Aliens (133) MKAliens (133) MK Aliens (159) MKAliens (159) MK Aliens (166) MKAliens (166) MK Aliens (168) MKAliens (168) MK Aliens (177) MKAliens (177) MK Aliens (260) MKAliens (260) MK Aliens (287) MKAliens (287) MK Aliens (301) MKAliens (301) MK LakeLake SunsetSunset Us and a buddyUs and a buddy UsUs


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/4/march-11-14-roswell-new-mexico Sat, 01 Apr 2023 12:38:01 GMT
March 8-11 White Sands New Mexico https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/march-8-11-white-sands-new-mexico We spent 3 Days in White Sands New Mexico. We saw miles and miles of beautiful White sand. We visited the space history museum and spent a full day walking in the sand dunes. We ended the day with ranger guided sunset stroll.

White Sands (1) MKWhite Sands (1) MK White Sands (83) MKWhite Sands (83) MK White Sands (91) MKWhite Sands (91) MK White Sands (138) MKWhite Sands (138) MK White Sands (203) MKWhite Sands (203) MK White Sands (234) MKWhite Sands (234) MK White Sands (274) MKWhite Sands (274) MK White Sands (279) MKWhite Sands (279) MK

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/march-8-11-white-sands-new-mexico Mon, 13 Mar 2023 02:53:58 GMT
March 7 Rock Hound State Park https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/march-7-rock-hound-state-park Mike came back from Tulsa with a cold, but like the champ he is, he powered through the 200 mile drive to Rock Hound State Park in Deming, NM. Although it was only an overnight stay, it was gorgeous!  The sunset was beautiful and the night sky was as clear as a bell.  The desert flowers have begun to bloom making the grown glow a golden yellow and orange….

Rock1Rock1 rock2rock2 rock3rock3 Rockhound SPRockhound SP  


[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/march-7-rock-hound-state-park Sat, 11 Mar 2023 04:01:59 GMT
March 2 Kartchner Caverns State Park https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/march-2-kartchner-caverns-state-park We arrived at Kartchner Caverns State Park, AZ knowing that the next day, Mike would need to fly to Tulsa, OK.  We received some unfortunate news several weeks back that Michaels Uncle Charlie passed away suddenly. The services were in Tulsa.  We decided Donna would stay with The Sandman and Mike would fly to Tulsa from Tucson (the closest airport). Donna toured the caves and did a couple of hikes while Mike was gone. Although unfortunate, it was great to see many family members.


MJK_2477 MKMJK_2477 MK
IMG-2933Kartchner CavernsIMG-2933Kartchner Caverns Kartchner Caverns01Kartchner Caverns01 Kartchner01Kartchner01  



[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/march-2-kartchner-caverns-state-park Sat, 11 Mar 2023 04:00:37 GMT
February 26 Apache Junction https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/february-26-apache-junction Apache Junction, AZ has The Superstition Mountains.  Beautiful big mountains with lots of interesting folklore of lost gold mines. We hiked to a waterfall with hieroglyphic drawings that are at least 2000 years old.  Our campsite was one of the most difficult to get into. NOT because of our inability to back in, but because it had many obstacles (power and sewer boxes) and took us almost an hour to get it right. Ugggg!!!  We both had a drink after that little escapade!!  J We visited the Lost Dutchman Museum which was pretty neato.  Lots of goodies inside but also a nice trail to hike.  We visited Arizona Flats which was a beautiful drive through the mountains on a great curvy road.  The rainbow at the end was a great lunch at a restaurant called…….Superstition Restaurant and Saloon.  What a fun place!  The walls were covered with One Dollar bills that people had taped to the walls while visiting. 

Hieroglyphic ) (29) MKHieroglyphic ) (29) MK Hieroglyphic ) (100) MKHieroglyphic ) (100) MK Hieroglyphic ) (110) MKHieroglyphic ) (110) MK Hieroglyphic ) (115) MKHieroglyphic ) (115) MK Hieroglyphic ) (153) MKHieroglyphic ) (153) MK Hieroglyphic ) (157) MKHieroglyphic ) (157) MK Silly Mountian (3) MKSilly Mountian (3) MK Silly Mountian (10) MKSilly Mountian (10) MK Tortilla FlatsTortilla Flats

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/february-26-apache-junction Sat, 11 Mar 2023 03:58:36 GMT
February 24 Quartzite https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/february-24-quartzite The drive on the 10 to Quartzite, AZ was very windy. It was just a layover stopping place, we visited some of the junk and rock stores.

Rocks in QuartziteRocks in Quartzite

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/february-24-quartzite Sat, 11 Mar 2023 03:56:18 GMT
February 21 Lake Cahuilla https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/february-21-lake-cahuilla Driving white knuckle in Southern California morning traffic, we found our way to Lake Cahuilla Regional Veterans Park in La Quinta, CA again. This was our second time here and wow what a real hidden gem!  Just after setting up camp the winds came. They were predicting 75-95 MPH winds. The trailer was rocking all night.

WindyWindy MJK_1841-2 MKMJK_1841-2 MK

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/february-21-lake-cahuilla Sat, 11 Mar 2023 03:22:12 GMT
February 20 Huntington Beach https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/february-20-hunnington-beach We were excited to be back in our home on wheels. We booked a site at Huntington Beach RV Park just steps away from the beach, next to the pier.  The site was a little expensive but worth the experience. We had dinner with our besties Jon/Becky before heading out the next morning.  It was an emotional goodbye as we knew this time, we wouldn’t be back for quite a while. 

HB airstreamHB airstream HB airstream AMHB airstream AM

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/february-20-hunnington-beach Sat, 11 Mar 2023 03:19:14 GMT
February 1-19 West to East to West https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/february-1-19-west-to-east-to-west Our new RAM truck is FINALLY ready for pick up in NC. We planned out 500 miles a day driving, put the Sandman into storage in CA at the dealership and yet again, a drive across the country.

We spent the night upon arrival in NC with a good friend Kurt.  He lives about an hour from the dealership.  We had a great dinner out which gave us a chance to catch up on everything. 

The folks at the dealership in North Carolina were so nice. They had our new baby, front and center for us as we arrived. We did all the paperwork and did a quick test drive. Then we had the fun task of transferring all our stuff from one truck to another, which only took 3 hours LOL!! We enjoyed a very fun evening and overnight stay with Mike’s sister/family in Wake Forest.

Then it was off to Northern VA to enjoy a quick week with the kids and begin the return trip to CA after Super Bowl Sunday.  We had a fantastic party at Robbie’s with the family but it was bittersweet once again to leave the kids and grands. 



CookingCooking Cooking2Cooking2 Declan new truckDeclan new truck KitchenKitchen playingplaying ReadingReading East to West 2023 (20) MKEast to West 2023 (20) MK East to West 2023 (26) MKEast to West 2023 (26) MK East to West 2023 (83) MKEast to West 2023 (83) MK East to West 2023 (90) MKEast to West 2023 (90) MK East to West 2023 (105) MKEast to West 2023 (105) MK

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/february-1-19-west-to-east-to-west Sat, 11 Mar 2023 03:10:41 GMT
Happy Birthday Donna https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/happy-birthday-donna We celebrated Donna’s birthday with Dinner at Dukes in Huntington Beach with our friends Jon and Becky Harry.


happy Birthday in HBhappy Birthday in HB

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/happy-birthday-donna Sat, 11 Mar 2023 03:04:25 GMT
January 26 Ocotillo Wells https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/january-26-ocotillo-wells Ocotillo Wells, CA in the middle of nowhere is where we met some folks we know from Oceanside. They brought desert vehicles and we had so much fun exploring off road trails. We enjoyed campfires at night, telling stories and potluck dinners with yummy food. Another wind event kept us inside for a day.  However the pot at the end of the rainbow was the dark skies at night once again – and the gorgeous sunsets!!


Oriflamme Canyon (6) MKOriflamme Canyon (6) MK Oriflamme Canyon (11) MKOriflamme Canyon (11) MK Oriflamme Canyon (28) MKOriflamme Canyon (28) MK Oriflamme Canyon (70) MKOriflamme Canyon (70) MK Oriflamme Canyon (78) MKOriflamme Canyon (78) MK

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/january-26-ocotillo-wells Sat, 11 Mar 2023 02:48:35 GMT
January 19 Jushua Tree https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/january-19-jushua-tree Joshua Tree National Park, CA is a very cool and unique place. It’s a designated Dark Sky Park and we sure did get to see some beautiful night skies. We also endured quite a “wind event” while there.  Wowzer!  The Sandman was rocking and rolling all night one night.  Because we have to do some adult things while living on the road, we visited another local laundry mat, where we met some very nice and interesting people. We even got the comment “oh you’re one of those” while explaining we live in an Airstream. We went on several fun hikes even though it was windy and cold, and visited Pioneer Town, a movie set, where many western shows were filmed. 
Barker dam (6)Barker dam (6) Barker dam (15)Barker dam (15) Barker dam (52) MKBarker dam (52) MK Skull-001Skull-001 Skull (45) MKSkull (45) MK Skull (19)Skull (19) Roach Coach (27)Roach Coach (27) Bottle rack (7)Bottle rack (7) Transmission (10)Transmission (10)

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/january-19-jushua-tree Sat, 11 Mar 2023 02:46:42 GMT
Alamo Lake January 12-19 https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/january-12-19 Lake Alamo State Park, AZ is 40 miles from nowhere. We made sure to stock up on supplies before heading out!  This is a beautiful park with the lake famous for fishing.  We enjoyed a week with blue skies and chilly temps. We went on a few hikes looking for local burros but sadly, didn’t find any – except for the day we arrived down in a canyon.  But….we did find plenty of evidence they were around.  J We met another camper that was a “Hokie” who graduated from VA Tech several years back.  Had a nice chat with her.   We also met some very nice camper neighbors who had us over one night for drinks. A very enjoyable week.
Alamo lake (52) MKAlamo lake (52) MK Alamo lake (81) MKAlamo lake (81) MK Alamo lake (88) MKAlamo lake (88) MK Alamo lake (119) MKAlamo lake (119) MK Alamo lake (136) MKAlamo lake (136) MK

[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/3/january-12-19 Sat, 11 Mar 2023 00:27:00 GMT
January 2023 https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/1/january-2023 We traveled to Rio Verde RV Park in Cottonwood AZ for a week (12/29 – 1/5/23).  As for the weather – well – we hit it all on this drive – yikes!  Rain, sleet, and then snow made for a white knuckle drive since we were newbies at this.  We sure were elated when we finally arrived at the beautiful RV park!!  We managed to get a nice site that backed right up to the Verde River.  Since we were going to be there over New Year’s, it was the perfect location for day trips to Sedona, Jerome, Tuzigoot National Monument, Montezuma Castle National Monument, and Montezuma Well.  We went to the Ghost King Mine outside of Jerome and did the tour. There were lots of opportunities to hike but the weather wasn’t the best while there – it was COLD and rainy most of the time!  But…we had a fantastic time exploring all around the area and the cute historic district.

Jerome (106) MKJerome (106) MK

Jerome (40) MKJerome (40) MK Jerome (45) MKJerome (45) MK Jerome (54) MKJerome (54) MK Jerome (58) MKJerome (58) MK Jerome (70) copyJerome (70) copy Jerome (78) MKJerome (78) MK Jerome (129) MKJerome (129) MK

Sedona (15) MKSedona (15) MK Sedona (69) MKSedona (69) MK


From Cottonwood we went to Prescott AZ and stayed at the Pine Lawn Ranch RV Park for a week (1/5 – 1/12).  Got a nice pull through site nestled in the pine trees amongst others who were permanent residents there.  Wow was it COLD – and – we learned our first winter camping lesson.  If it’s going below freezing, make sure you have fresh water in your tank and disconnect the fresh water hose outside. The first morning there we woke up to everything frozen!  Uh oh……okay – calm down – we can do this!!  Get out the manuals and figure out what we’re doing…and we did just that – Whew!  Crisis averted  J 

Big PigBig Pig

Prescott is a great little town we had visited many years prior and were excited to get back again.  We spent several days walking around all the shops in the historic area downtown.  We hiked “Thumb Butte” which was absolutely gorgeous at the top.  Little did we know that coming down on the shady side would render lots of packed snow with ice as the topper!  We were glad we had our hiking poles with us – LOL!!  We took a couple of other hikes (ground level) which were much easier but also had beautiful scenery as there are many lakes in the Prescott area.  We had several “visitors” at our camping site.  The area houses several deer families and many Javelinas. 

Thumb Butte (126) MKThumb Butte (126) MK Thumb Butte (139) MKThumb Butte (139) MK Thumb Butte (155) MKThumb Butte (155) MK

On to Lake Alamo State Park near Wenden AZ for a week (1/12 – 1/19).  Very remote but a beautiful area tucked within the surrounding mountains.  Again we lucked out and got a very nice site with a view of the lake.  We’re glad we stocked up on necessities prior to coming as there is NOTHING OUT HERE J  That’s the beauty of it though….you can hear a pin drop most of the time.  We’ve had rain off and on, even a thunderstorm - so the weather hasn’t been the greatest but….it is winter we keeping telling ourselves.  We did a couple of hikes and drove up to the Alamo Dam overlook.  Stunning views!!!!!  The area is filled with wild burros but we’ve yet to see any except for 2 as we were arriving to the park and they were fairly far away – way down in one of the crevices.  Lots of “evidence” they are around though.

Alamo lake (52) MKAlamo lake (52) MK Alamo lake (81) MKAlamo lake (81) MK Alamo lake (88) MKAlamo lake (88) MK Alamo lake (119) MKAlamo lake (119) MK


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Where is The Sandman? https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2023/1/where-is-the-sandman July, August, September, October, November, December 2022……

Okay we haven’t updated in a while.

We had so much fun with our families especially the little ones we didn’t do any writing.

So how about a quick look back.


-Still no truck or Airstream-

July 2022

We bought lots of fireworks for the 4th and had a great time lighting them in the driveway with the family.

We took care of the littlest Grands while their parents went on a well-deserved European vacation. Baths, food and bedtime reminded us why we had little ones when we were young!  We even all went out for a Sunday brunch and everybody behaved J   It’s been an awesome time getting to spend so much time with them!!

ColoringColoring DeclanDeclan Fireworks-01Fireworks-01 Fireworks-02Fireworks-02 LC Fair (69) MKLC Fair (69) MK LC Fair (329) MKLC Fair (329) MK Park benchPark bench ShowtimeShowtime Silver DinerSilver Diner WatermellonWatermellon

Firworks vid



August 2022

-Still no truck or Airstream-

The entire family went to Oak Island North Carolina for a week at the beach. Lazy days on the sand, playing in the surf and lots of seafood made for a fun week. The kids enjoyed the pirate treasure hunt and the light sticks were a big hit.

After we took possession of our West Virginia house we immediately began looking for ways to make it our own. We hired a contractor, with the help of our agent Nan.  But first - we had a weekend pool party with the whole family.  So much fun!  Everybody brought what was needed as remember – the house was completely empty…we had the perfect time along with a slumber party to top things off….

Jose our contractor was amazing. With the help of his crew, walls were removed and the entire house completely repainted inside and out. New sinks, fixtures and all new door hardware that Donna and I replaced made the place “ours”.  We are so happy with the results. 

We spent our week days at the new house. It made it easier to answer questions and make decisions being there. Mike learned how to mow 5 acres of grass and do pool maintenance. Donna worked in the yard and found a few snakes (not her favorite thing!).  Making meals amongst the dust was almost impossible, so we found the Mountain View Diner to be our favorite dinner spot. On weekends we would spend time with our family bike riding, playing games, and movie watching.  We even went to a high school football game.

A retirement present to ourselves were tattoos.  We found a great guy simply by accident as we were out exploring our old stomping grounds one day.


01Beach-0101Beach-01 02Beach-0202Beach-02 03Beach-0303Beach-03 04Beach-0404Beach-04 05Beware of allligator05Beware of allligator 06Light Stick-0106Light Stick-01 08Light Stick-0308Light Stick-03 07Light Stick-0207Light Stick-02 010pirate-03010pirate-03 010pitate-02010pitate-02 09pitate-0109pitate-01 Cam SoccerCam Soccer basketballbasketball Air and spaceAir and space Air and space-03Air and space-03 Air and space-02Air and space-02 Air and space-01Air and space-01 New houseNew house New house-01New house-01 New house-03New house-03

Tattoo 01Tattoo 01 Tattoo 02Tattoo 02 Tattoo 03Tattoo 03

September 2022

-And still no truck or Airstream-

We took Camden, our oldest Grand, to the National Zoo in DC for a day. We traveled both ways on the subway and had lots of fun listening to Camden tell us all he knew about the zoo animals. We celebrated with another Grand on her 5th birthday (Paige), with a dinner date at the Silver Diner, just the three of us. We had bought her a cute new outfit to wear and she picked where she wanted to go. She loved it!

 The air show at Leesburg Airport (our old stomping grounds) was a special treat.  Hadn’t been able to see it for years and it was almost across the street from where we used to live.  Good times!!

As the leaves began to change, the work on the house was complete.  Now time to find renters. After putting so much work into our new house, we debated staying and simply abandoning the Airstream plans. After careful thought we realized we would regret not going out to explore.  With the help of our fantastic agent Nan, she found a couple to rent the house starting Dec. 1.  We met them before we left the east coast and they are in love with the house.  They offered to purchase it and we said…………..nope!!!  J


Air showAir show Camden zoo-01Camden zoo-01 Camden zooCamden zoo

Declan SchoolDeclan School Paige goes to schoolPaige goes to school

New house-01New house-01 New house-02New house-02



New house-05New house-05 New house-06New house-06 New houseNew house


Paige Birthday-01Paige Birthday-01 Paige BirthdayPaige Birthday

October 2022

-And…… still no truck or Airstream-

But wait. A text from the dealer told us The Sandman was off the assembly line and soon enroot to the west coast. Could it be true? We still didn’t have any way to pull it. We needed a tow vehicle!! After telling a few friends we needed a truck new or used, we began getting calls from all over the country with offers. Then, an ad shows up on Donna’s Facebook. A 2021 Dodge RAM with only 5k miles, only an hour’s drive from Tiffany’s (our daughter) house. Could it be true? 5 thousand miles! By weeks end we had our tow vehicle. So we began making plans to yet again drive across the country. Keep in mind that the truck we ordered in January, still not available yet!!!  What the heck is going on??????

One of the beautiful Sycamores in the side yard of our Harpers Ferry house was sadly infested with termites. We hired a local company to bring it down. It was not an easy job bringing down a 40 ft. tree. We did save a few pieces to burn, the rest into the chipper.

Halloween was rainy but that didn’t dampen the spirits of pirate Camden. He collected lots of candy and was more than willing to share it.  J   The other Grands had a fantastic time going around their neighborhood with some other littles….

 Sunday afternoons was watching Camden’s soccer team and family dinners J


DinerDiner MovieMovie New house-01New house-01 New house-02New house-02 New house-03New house-03 New truckNew truck Halloween-01Halloween-01 Halloween_2022 (31) MKHalloween_2022 (31) MK

Elk Run Fall 2022 (134)-2 MKElk Run Fall 2022 (134)-2 MK Elk Run Fall 2022 (230) MKElk Run Fall 2022 (230) MK

Oh Deer (117) MKOh Deer (117) MK

Elk Run Fall 2022 (20) MKElk Run Fall 2022 (20) MK

Back yardBack yard



Big tree vid Camden first Soccer  (154)Camden first Soccer (154)




November 2022

With the house construction all finished we spent a beautiful fall day hiking around Harpers Ferry. We climbed to the top of Maryland Heights for a mountain top view of our new home city. We went to Tennessee twice for reunions. First, Shipmates from Mike’s time in the Navy, from the USS Oakridge gathered in Oak Ridge Tennessee. We all served together in Rota Spain in the late 70’s. It was great to see every one again. The second reunion a few weeks later was with several classmates from Donna’s DOD school in the Philippines in Nashville for a long weekend. We had driven through the area several times but had never stopped or spent time poking around.  What a fun city!  We took the “Redneck Bus Tour” – what a hoot!!

After Camden’s birthday we began another cross country journey to California on Nov. 18th. This was number 3……On this trip we needed to obtain a Texas driver’s license and register the truck. Not as easy as it sounds. In order to get a driver’s license, you must be resident of the state (6 months). How do you do that in one day? We did a lot of planning ahead. We changed our address at the bank and insurance. First things first. Get the truck inspected. We found a garage that does that for only $7. Next drive to the county you domicile in. For that we are using a company called Escapees for mail service. They cater to full time RVers like us. So we drive to Livingston Texas. Find the County tax assessor’s office, pay the taxes and get licenses plates for the truck. Now we need a driver’s license. Because COVID had backed up all appointments in the big cities we started looking for a small office that we could make an appointment. We found a hole in the wall office at the end of the runway at a small airport. We have found everyone in Texas to be friendly except the people at the Department of Public Safety. Anyway, after a couple hours we are now residents of the great state of Texas. Y’all…. 

3 Days in Texas gave us time to visit peeps we knew from other areas we lived and they all now live in Texas.  We visited Donna’s friend Robynn, and her former manager Shawn and his wife Kate. Fun times. Thanksgiving dinner was with friends Mark and Jean who used to live near us in CA. Tucson Arizona was next. Driving through west Texas is a long and boring drive. At a rest stop I overheard some truckers talking about snow.??? A half hour later the flakes began. The snow piled up to about 3-4 inches on the road. We used 4wheel drive for several hours before we were out of it. We met Admirals old friends Don and Addy at the Queens Copper Mine in Bisbee. Really glad we went, really cool place to visit. We ended the day with dinner in Tombstone. The next day a visit to the Sonoran Desert Museum just outside of Tucson, with a raptor bird demonstration.

On to California. We stayed with our good friends Steve and Arlana in Del Mar. They are such great people. They fed us and let us use their downstairs apartment with a very comfortable bed.

Camden birthdayCamden birthday L'BergeL'Berge Mike and DonnaMike and Donna packed truckpacked truck SnowSnow Texas-01Texas-01 Texas-02Texas-02 Texas-03Texas-03 ThanksgivingThanksgiving

December 2022

Our dreams are about to come true – after waiting SO long…..

We finally got to see our new home on wheels for the first time on Dec. 1st. First time we see itFirst time we see it The Sandman was at the back of the lot getting shined and prepped. Talk about nerves, excitement and anxiety!!! We spent an hour in awe finally able to see it. The next day was our walk through. That night we had a really nice time with our good friends Jonathan and Becky, telling stories from our summer. I don’t think we slept at all that night. The excitement of our life changing adventure was about to begin. Because we didn’t want to give the State of California any more money than we had to, we opted to take possession of The Sandman in Arizona. We were informed during our walk through that we had to be at Exit 1 Ehrenburg Arizona at 8:30 am the next day Dec. 2nd. Oh that’s a 4 hour drive!!! So we made hotel reservations for that night. Erick in Service at Airstream of Orange County was absolutely amazing. A usual first timers walk through is 3 hours. He gave us almost 8. He explained everything from using the stinky slinky to the tires. Front to back, inside and out we learned it all. We had dinner with Jon and Becky and then we hit the road. Huntington Beach CA to the Arizona line is not a fun drive, especially in the dark. Again not a lot of sleep. A short drive on Friday morning from our hotel to the Wendy’s at Exit 1, we met a notary, signed papers and we owned The Sandman.  J  Wow – it’s really happening!!!!

Fortunately we had made camping reservations at a campground in Quartzite AZ only 20 miles away. Luckily we got a pull through site and could check in early. So trying to plan a head, the next day we would have to back into our site in Oceanside. I decided we should practice. We really didn’t do very well. After I went around the park for the fourth time, some very friendly folks came to inform us it was a pull through. I tried to explain I was just practicing. We all laughed. J

















The next morning Dec. 3rd, we nervously and cautiously drove 5 hours to Oceanside CA where we stayed at Guajome Regional Park for 5 days (12/3 – 12/8). A very nice camper from Canada helped us get into our space by driving it in for us. I was able to learn a few things about parking a 30 foot trailer. We spent the next week emptying our storage unit in Oceanside of stuff for the inside of our home on wheels. Several friends came by to look at our new home - Jean, Nina, Mark and Darleen, Joe and Donna, Joe and Rosie.  It was fun showing off our new home.

Good bye Pacific oceanGood bye Pacific ocean Camp Del MarCamp Del Mar

The following week we moved to the Surf and Turf RV Park in Del Mar for a week (12/9 – 12/15). We boldly drove the coast road - yikes…. I was holding my breath every time we had to pass parked cars. Parking at the new place in Del Mar was much easier. We had more space and with Donna’s guidance we felt good about what we are doing. Several more friends came by to look.



Leaving Del Mar we made our way to a very nice campground in La Quinta, CA – Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park for 10 days (12/16 – 12/26) . Donna’s help made backing much easier. We had a beautiful site on the lake. We hiked in the desert and around the lake. We even got our bikes out for a ride as the weather was perfect. We took a nice hike up into the surrounding hills.  We are getting better at planning our grocery store trips. Cooking is getting easier. We are now sleeping better. Donna has done an amazing job to make The Sandman look like a home. Nice touches of Christmas decorations. We went to the animal park in Palm Desert to look at Christmas lights. Walked Palm Springs and enjoyed the Christmas season. Robbie and Erin (our son/daughter in-law) gave us 2 nights at a time share in Palm Desert. It was nice to sleep in a large room and endless hot water showers. We had Christmas Eve dinner at a seafood place.


Camp La QuintaCamp La Quinta Horse in the desertHorse in the desert LightsLights Christmas pic-01Christmas pic-01 Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas SedonaSedona

Lake Havasu State Park in AZ was next. A short stay of a couple days (12/27 – 12/29).  We saw the London Bridge and had a nice Mexican dinner nearby. We had a perfect site that overlooked the lake with its own beach to enjoy.  In hindsight we wished we could have stayed longer.  The small town was beautifully decorated for Christmas which made strolling after dinner a nice treat.  J

Lake HavasuLake Havasu

Lake HavasuLake Havasu













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April, May, June https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2022/6/catching-up  

Okay, we will be the first to admit we have neglected our blog.

So, let’s get you caught up.

Many special events have happened since we drove to Virginia on March 26th.

Please remember this is not necessarily in order.

After arriving in Virginia early April, we had such a good time with our Grands and their families. We celebrated a birthday. We visited breweries, wineries and many dinners and lunches together.

We were invited to a grandparent’s tea at the school with our two littlest grands Paige and Declan. Walking our oldest grand Camden to school, was a special treat. Coloring Easter eggs and in general keeping the house loud was something we hadn’t experienced in a long, long time!  We cherished every moment……


Walking to schoolWalking to school

Easter egg huntEaster egg hunt Game timeGame time Grandparent TeaGrandparent Tea Soccer with the Torp Grands (205)Soccer with the youngest Grands Soccer with the Torp Grands (388)Soccer with the youngest Grands


Riding bikes, hiking, throwing balls and Frisbees rounded out many hours of fun.

Biking with the CunninghamsBiking with the CunninghamsWhile on our ride we stopped on a cool bridge for a family picture. Camden on his bikeCamden on his bike Bike ride in Purcellville-001Bike ride in Purcellville Bike ride in Purcellville-002Bike ride in Purcellville

We took Dad to the Naval Academy one last time.

Dad returns to the AcademyDad returns to the Academy


We landed in Northern Virginia in early April in a 16' rental truck. We were ready to buy our new Ram we ordered in January, but guess what?? Not ready. We both felt uncomfortable always asking to borrow a car or a ride.

We went looking to buy something. Both of us agreed something comfortable and a little higher end would make the trade-in a little sweeter when we finally got our truck.

New car-001aNew carMugging with our new car from CarMax

We ended up with a 2016 Land Rover Discovery from CarMax. Several friends call it a Disco. It has lots of fun options and it’s very comfortable to drive.

While we were on the road to Virginia, we sold our California house of 18 years. With the help of our good friend Steve, who made all the negotiations and arrangements, we signed all the paperwork remotely.


We have too much stuffWe have too much stuff PXL_20220531_145405051We have too much stuff PXL_20220531_145415748We have too much stuff PXL_20220531_151956879We have too much stuff

We left Virginia the middle of May with a plan to visit friends from all over the country, on our way back to California to tie up loose ends.

First stop was the Ram truck dealership in North Carolina where we ordered our new Ram from a friend of a friend (no more paying California taxes). As we pulled into the lot, we saw many faces plastered to the windows. Who were these Californians? Were they coming to visit with a British car bearing Virginia license plates? Meeting Danny the General Manager whom we placed our order with, was a very pleasant experience. Unfortunately, our new truck was still several months away. Lack of labor, fuel, materials and just plain “I don’t know” are just some of the answers on why we still don’t have a new truck. But we weren’t discouraged. We’re still waiting for our Airstream which is also VERY delayed! We can’t have one without the other.

We took almost two weeks to travel back to Oceanside. Stops included Raleigh North Carolina,

Mike and Sister-001Mike and Sister-001A great visit with my sister Leanne, whom we haven't seen in way too many years Mike and Sister-001Mike and Sister-001A great visit with my sister Leanne, whom we haven't seen in way too many years



Myrtle Beach, Jacksonville Florida, New Orleans Louisiana, 4 stops in Texas and New Mexico. So much fun seeing folks we haven’t seen in some cases over 20 years.


Jim and LynJim and Lyn PXL_20220512_011532516.MPShawn and Kate with us at Baylor University PXL_20220513_023108602C. Mark and Debra Vaughn with us PXL_20220516_043053638John and Gina DaCrema with us Sue Gage and Lisa Patrick/hubbySue Gage and Lisa Patrick/hubbySue Gage and Lisa Patrick/hubby Mr. ChrisMr. ChrisMusician Chris Ellinghaus with us. Our previous next door neighbor when we lived in Leesburg, VA.

We visited a Botanical Garden in Florida.


Bourbon St. in New Orleans

  MJK_1504 MKBourbon St. MJK_1504 MKBourbon St.


While we were in Tucson Arizona, we were treated to a Total Lunar eclipse.

Moon riseEclipseMoon rise

Eclips 5-15-2022 (215) MKEclipseTotal Blood moon

The Oceanside house needed a final clean-up and trash removed. We sold our bedroom furniture, and with the help of our great neighbors they let us borrow a portable mattress so as to not have to sleep on the floor.

PXL_20220523_222746718Empty BedroomSleeping on the floor, the last week.

Donna and I shared the driving duties and many hours together gave us a lot of time to discuss what it would be like to live on a few acres of land with a house in the middle of nowhere. Maybe we could have a view of the mountains, or a river or a pond? Looking into the future, we knew we wanted to be near our kids and grands, but not in Virginia because of the property taxes being so high.  Well……West Virginia has one of the lowest property taxes in the US and….it’s close to where the family lives!!  Ding Ding……

We visited historic Harpers Ferry West Virginia while in Virginia and decided it could be a place to call home after or during Airstream travel. When we lived in Virginia, we went to Harpers Ferry many times and the kids loved it. 

Wouldn’t you know, shortly after we cleared out the last of our stuff in Oceanside, an ad for 5 acres and a 4 bedroom house with a swimming pool became available?  We had hooked up with a super nice real estate agent already – spending many hours on the phone with her, explaining our wants and what we were about to embark upon with our Airstream. 

After several phone calls, along with visits from Robbie and Tiffany to the property with our agent, we decided to bite the bullet on the property. Settlement will be Thursday 6/16.  We certainly know how to live on the edge! The sellers want to stay until the end of August so win, win for everybody. After they move out, we’ll have some time to do a few upgrades/updates before renting it out while we’re on the road.  One of Donna’s favorite old songs is by John Denver and now it will come to fruition – “Take Me Home Country Roads”.  And now you have it in your head – LOL!!!!

New HouseNew HouseOur new house in historic Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

We said goodbye to our Mazda's.

Mazda CX5Mazda CX5 Mazda MX5Mazda MX5

We enjoyed a final dinner at Jake's.

Jakes-001Jakes-001 Jakes-002Jakes-002

Currently we are visiting my brother Steve in Alameda California. He and his daughter Sarah have a cozy, very cool English Tudor style home on the island. We have been exploring the San Francisco area. We’ve discovered some great places and not so great places……We got lost in a really scary part of Oakland the other night. We saw a part of Oakland the Chamber of Commerce does not want the rest of the state to know about. We saw homeless camps that went on for blocks, and blocks. Are they dangerous? Fortunately, the car didn’t break down for us to find out.

On the other hand we had a lot of fun exploring the area. We spent a day amongst the Redwood trees in Muir Wood National Park. We have ridden our bikes around the island. We drove to Roseville to visit a good friend we met in our MINI club. We enjoyed our 39th wedding Anniversary weekend and had a dinner at a very nice seafood restaurant in Jack London Square, Oakland. We spent Sunday on Treasure Island hiking and a nice lunch.

Muir Redwood (98) MKMuir Redwood Donna amongst the giant redwoods.

San Fran (9) MKSan Fran Sunset from Alameda looking across the bay at San Francisco. San Fran (9) MKSan Fran Looking up under the Bay Bridge.

Treasure Island (87) MKTreasure Island Looking at San Fransico and the Bay Bridge.



[email protected] (Michael J Kacmarcik) https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2022/6/catching-up Thu, 16 Jun 2022 00:20:08 GMT
East Coast or Bust!! https://www.kaz.photography/blog/2022/4/east-coast-or-busted  

Our new adventure started about 3 years ago when we decided to change our lifestyle and make the decision to become Nomads when we retired.  That finally happened on Sept. 27, 2021 for Donna, March 18, 2022 for Mike.

As luck would have it, everything has a delay because of parts, labor shortages, and all of the worldly things happening. 

We were expecting our Dodge RAM 2500 Deisel to be delivered to North Carolina (got the "friends " deal)at the end of April. Unfortunately, it's still in Mexico with a new delivery date of July!!!  We ordered it in January 2022.

Our new Airstream is also delayed. New projected roll off assembly line late July. We might see it in California Late August. Original delivery was supposed to be April.

We decided to pull the trigger anyway and sold, gave away and donated almost all of our things, including our California house.



The stuff we saved and wanted our kids to have or they wanted, was loaded into a rented box truck along with our 1958 MGA and taken to Northern Virginia.

Driving a big box truck made a challenging adventure. 

We departed Oceanside on Saturday morning March 26, and our house went on the market the same day.  Blue skies and windy with a full gas tank of California ($6.25/ gal.) gas, with hopes of making it to cheaper Arizona gas. 

The learning curves of freeway driving with the wind often times felt like I was at the helm of a sailboat.

Our first stop a McDonalds after avoiding so many big trucks with a stiff south wind, I underestimated the turning radius and got stuck making a U-turn. Lesson learned.  We appreciate the help we received from a total stranger!!



Jail AZ-01Jail AZ-01


roadkillroadkill AZAZ


Saturday night an old but clean hotel on old Route 66 in Seligman Arizona. A really cool little town being swallowed up by the desert. Dinner at the Roadkill Cafe was amazing.

Sunday morning had us up early. TV weather news had a big storm entering California behind us and had me a little nervous.

Donna and I took turns at the wheel following Route 40. We kept a steady speed of 60MPH and tried not to slow the big trucks down. We got a kick out of flashing our light so the big trucks could slide in front of us and got the flash of thanks. Lunch at a rest stop with tornado shelters was sandwiches with fixens from our Yeti cooler. 


Sunday night March 27th was spent in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.  With not many restaurants to choose from, there was a Mexican restaurant across from the hotel.  The clerk told us not to order the chicken wings, they "tasted like a dog chew toy" she exclaimed. We ordered cheese enchiladas.  By far the.... worst..... meal..... we ever tried to eat. String cheese sticks between barely warm tortillas with fire sauce called enchiladas. Good thing the chips and salsa were good!!

After a night of restless sleep, we were on the road early again Monday morning March 28th to Okemah, Oklahoma. Both of us shared the driving, we were getting good at scoping the gas station parking lots, and finding easy ways to get in and out.  By the time we got to the hotel, it was after dark and the sidewalks were already rolled up.  Our choice of dinner?  Subway or McDonalds.......McDonalds it was because as many of you know, Donna makes the funniest face when the word "Subway" is even mentioned.  

Sleep was not our friend.  We both woke early once again and Tuesday morning March 29th we were off to Jackson,Tennessee.  By the way, Tennessee has beautiful smooth roads. We thought we were losing teeth on Arizona and New Mexico roads. Pot holes big enough to swallow us whole!!

Donna is a great navigator using our new map. Thank you, Oceanside CERT, for the great and useful gift. 

Map-01Map-01 Driving-03Driving-03

Cracker Barrel dinner outside of Jackson, was a great chance to have a hot home style meal. We both had giggle fits because Donna ordered a roast beef dinner medium rare. Our server said in his Tennessee draw "We don't do temperature on our meat. I'll ask the kitchen if they ever heard that before". The other guests in the restaurant must have thought those people from California are a little bit looney.


Ecno Lodge-01Ecno Lodge-01

Wednesday March 30th we were off to Christiansburg/Blacksburg Virginia. Back in familiar territory (our son/spouse, son in-law all graduated from VA Tech and our daughter from Radford), we knew dinner HAD to be at Macado's - one of our favorites!! Years ago, we celebrated both of our kid's college graduations and post football games there. 

The threat of severe weather was always over our shoulders with each morning's news reports. We were thankful it was behind us, until Thursday. 

We woke up to rain and more wind Thursday morning, March 31st.

More stressful driving to Northern Virginia. (NOVA). 

We were so proud of ourselves by not getting stuck in a strip mall in Purcellville, Virginia (pit stop) in the final hours before getting to our sons in Vienna.

Donna was an excellent guide as I backed the truck and auto transport into the driveway for the night. Unpacking could wait till morning.

Backing into driveway-01Backing into driveway-01





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