My name is Michael Kacmarcik (Kaz).

As a newspaper photojournalist, I traveled around the world and back, which afforded me the opportunity to photograph presidents, visit parts of the world involved in conflict, sporting events, and, best of all, making pictures of small town communities, all to tell stories through a lens. 

I began making award winning pictures shortly after being hired by a Community newspaper in Leesburg Virginia.

My grandmother always encouraged my photography skills while I was still in grade school. She let me use her camera to record family events and vacations.

During my high school years, I taught myself black and white film photography using an old Kodak camera and a basement darkroom.

After serving in the United States Navy, I was lucky enough to get hired as a photojournalist with a community newspaper, where I won many local and national awards. Along with news picture stories, my editors would send me into the community to bring back storytelling pictures of random happenings that day.

My work has been published in national and international publications.

 Newspaper photographers, unfortunately, are becoming a thing of the past.  

Although I have a fulltime career, I continue to make pictures from around Southern California for you to enjoy

I am available to photograph and capture your special moments in time.