May 11 – 14 Clifftop, West Virginia (near New River Gorge National Park) Babcock State Park

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We’re starting to sound like a broken record, but man oh man you just can’t beat these state

parks! They are beautiful all across this country. This one was no exception – it’s HUGE

and had all of the amenities including laundry. Yes – we have to “adult” every now and then

which includes having clean sheets and clothes – LOL!!!


The drive to get there was clear, green, and towards the end, a VERY skinny road. Here

we go again – both looking at each other – hoping that NO ONE comes the other direction

as where the heck are we supposed to pull over just a tad??? Um….no…….that was after

the downhill “8% truck grade” and the sharp curves every 10 seconds!

IMG-3164IMG-3164 IMG-3165IMG-3165 IMG-3179IMG-3179

Within the campground is the well-known (around here) Glade Creek Grist Mill – a fully

functional replica of the original Cooper’s Mill, which once stood on the grounds. Absolutely

stunning waterfalls everywhere…..there are over 16 different trails to hike, with overlooks into the River Gorge….wow just wow!!

image000000image000000 New River Gorge (38) MKNew River Gorge (38) MK New River Gorge (105) MKNew River Gorge (105) MK PXL_20230512_143952678PXL_20230512_143952678 IMG-3171IMG-3171

New River Gorge (112) copyNew River Gorge (112) copy


This park is close to the New River Gorge National Park which was on our bucket list.

OMG!!! Just breathtaking………………………………………………………………..the bridge

is taller than we could have ever imagined. Its 3,030’ tall…..

We had one good day to site see then it rained the entire next day. We were glad to see

what we came here to see.

IMG-3183IMG-3183 New River Gorge (160) MKNew River Gorge (160) MK New River Gorge (675) MKNew River Gorge (675) MK PXL_20230512_165412201PXL_20230512_165412201

New River Gorge (155) MKNew River Gorge (155) MK

“Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong, West Virginia”.

We realize we are fortunate to be able to travel as we do. We’ve seen some rather

Interesting places as we forge across this beautiful country…often times in VERY rural


IMG-3184IMG-3184 IMG-3185IMG-3185





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