May 5 - 8 Olive Hill, Kentucky

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Grayson Lake State Park

The drive to this park from the previous one was another gorgeous day of scenery. Our

GPS (Gwendolyn) said hey – I’m going to re-route you on a REALLY scenic drive and boy

did she ever!! After getting off the main road, we meandered thru a road fit for ONE vehicle

– not two. Very narrow – no shoulders and wouldn’t you know it, a little bit of construction to

add to the white knuckled excitement after arriving……we were ready for……………..some dinner and


It’s Cinco de Mayo!!! And the sweet little town of Grayson had one great Mexican

restaurant. We had to drive into town after setting up camp anyway – as we ran into an

issue that was new to us. The water spigot hook up was WAY OVER THERE…..and OVER

THERE, we need a MUCH LONGER water hose.

The next day turned out to be simply gorgeous so we took a long hike around Grayson

Lake. We knew rain was coming the next day so today was the day!! We hadn’t hiked in

warm weather in quite a long time – we were prepared but man oh man were we pooped

when we got back…..but…..since we were still in “horse” country, we paid tribute to

Kentucky and watched the Kentucky Derby.

And so it goes – the next day it poured and we had quite the thunderstorm. Something we

both love and didn’t get much of living on the West Coast. Those cracks of thunder sure do

reverberate through the Sandman though!

IMG-3148IMG-3148 IMG-3149IMG-3149 image000000image000000 Grayson Lake (46) MKGrayson Lake (46) MK

One of the campsites had a large group of campers that enjoyed expressing their first amendment rights all weekend.

Grayson Lake (220) MKGrayson Lake (220) MK


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