June 26 – 29 Washington, North Carolina

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Goose Creek State Park

We had a beautiful, sunny drive – getting closer and closer to the beach areas. One thing we’ve both noticed is how beautiful the medians are – silly huh? But really – they are all beautifully manicured with lots of nice trees and flowers. It’s all quite welcoming…and then once off the main highways, very rural in this part of NC – more gorgeous countryside.





The campground is a small, quaint park with only 20 sites. It’s a very nice place to land for several days.

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It wouldn’t be an adventure without some excitement. The first night we had a WHOPPER thunderstorm come thru that woke us and everybody else up.  Donna was woken by the sound of the POURING rain and snapping sounds. Now wide awake, we could see lots of activity with red lights and such, across the park. An ambulance left along with many other types of machinery. Turns out a tall pine tree had fallen on a trailer and one occupant was taken to the hospital. We understand that she was hurt but was going to be okay. Needless to say it was a pretty sleepless night.



Not much around except for acres and acres of farm land growing tobacco and corn. The corn is almost “knee high by the 4th of July”!!



As always, we can find interesting things where we are. We passed through this area many years ago to ride the ferry to Okracoke Island on the Outer Banks of NC. Ferry, you say??

Well, there just happens to be many of them in this region. One only 12 miles from where we stayed, so we hopped on it one afternoon and rode it across the Pamlico River to the small ghost town of Aurora.



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