August 12 – 14 Mountain Rest, South Carolina

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Oconee State Park

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The woods – the trees – the lake - the curvy roads – the sunsets! All gorgeous scenery……The area is chock full of trails, waterfalls, and just neat things to do outside.

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Even though it was HOT and HUMID, we went to Stump house Mountain Tunnel. It’s noted on the Register of Historical Places. It was originally started to connect South Carolina’s coast to Tennessee. The project ran out of money and came to a halt. 1617 feet of tunnel is available to walk in - it’s 25 feet high and 17 feet wide and then you come to a locked, old, creepy door. The walls are dripping with water from above that creates little pools of water all along the tunnel edge.


Oconee State Park (87) MKOconee State Park (87) MK

From the Tunnel, we hiked to Issaquena Falls, named after a legendary Cherokee girl who is said to have leaped from the top of the falls with her lover. It is not known if they died or landed on a ledge out of sight of hostile tribesmen and eventually lived happily ever after.



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Both of these cool places are located in the Sumter National Forest.

Interesting sights always catch our eye as we travel from destination to destination.

Something we’ve seen here and there, trucks carrying logs going to??? Who knows –paper mill, or to build log homes…..


Oconee State Park (155) MKOconee State Park (155) MK


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