July 17 – July 24 Santee, South Carolina

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Santee State Park

Another very nice park located on Lake Marion.  If it weren’t so dang HOT and humid, we could have enjoyed some nice walking trails……but…. we are in the heart of summer and in South Carolina!  Oh, and then there are those lovely nightly thunderstorms that roll through…. whew!!!


  This park in particular is loaded with “flying” squirrels – LOL!!  And these little buggers like to eat the nuts from all the pinecones and then drop them from above out of the trees.  We haven’t been on the roof of the Airstream lately but we’re hoping there are no “dents” from the discarded cores!!


It’s a bit off the beaten path so to speak but within 30 minutes’ drive to a couple of nice towns.  In fact, it was so HOT one day; we said “hey, let’s go to the movies”!  Something we don’t do very often.  So off to see “Mission Impossible” we went. 

Another day, we drove to Summerville and then on to Charleston with some longtime friends that Donna went to high school together in the Philippines – Sue Gage, Lisa Gage Patrick and her hubby Randall.  Randall chauffeured us around the gorgeous city of Charleston.  Oh my - the architect on the homes and buildings is just scrumptious.  We had been to Charleston a couple of times in the past, but it’s one of those cities that draw you back.  We had Linner (lunch/dinner) at the old Charleston Navy base which sits right on the water.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day!!

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Still in the land of huge agriculture, we passed acre after acre of corn, soybeans, tobacco, and peanuts. 

IMG-3449IMG-3449 IMG-3434IMG-3434

One of the advantages of taking smaller secondary roads versus freeways, is you get to see all of the quirky tiny towns, and some have just images left of what they used to be – which is sad.   Others seem to be thriving – how?  Not sure…….

IMG-3448IMG-3448 IMG-3447IMG-3447 IMG-3446IMG-3446




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