July 28 – August 5 Holden Beach, Supply, North Carolina

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Holden Beach RV Campground

We had been looking forward to this portion of our travels for many months! Our daughter, our grandson, and her husband’s family rented a house for a week at Holden Beach. We stayed at a campground only a couple miles from them. It was a fantastic week of hanging out, playing at the beach, flying kites, shell hunting, and eating food that each family picked a night and cooked for everyone else. Yummy…………………..oh and then there was THE BEST handmade ice cream place ever…………….major diet after this week – LOL!!

The campground was super nice. Great pool that had only been open a couple of months. They have Corn Hole just outside of the pool fence. A free shuttle to the beach if you needed it. The city has many little beach stores to go in and out of. Of course, we had to check them all out!!!

The first of many highlights of our trip was our grandson Camden, spent 2 nights with us sleeping in the Airstream. Oh, we had so much fun! We watched game shows on TV (he loves them), went to the pool, and played Corn Hole. Another highlight of the week, besides being with part of our family, was the “Turtle Boil”.

When the sea turtle mama lays her eggs on the beach, the Holden Beach Turtle Watch “marks the spot” and ropes it off. 60 days from then is incubation. We were lucky enough to have several of those areas right outside the house. When the babies hatch, they call it a “Turtle Boil” because they literally bubble up through the sand and make their way to the Ocean water. The Turtle Watch volunteers make sure that no one touches them, no lights on, and they help any strays make their way to the ocean. It was THE coolest thing ever to see!!

We were sad to see the week come to an end…….

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Holden Beach 2023 (952) MKHolden Beach 2023 (952) MK


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