January 15 - 17 Keeling, Virginia (Southern VA)

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Paradise Lake Campground

Well……it’s go time for our 2024 adventures.  The sky gods decided to make our travel day as stressful as possible.  We woke up to overnight snow.  Rut Row!!!  Do we go or do we stay???  The long range weather forecast ain’t looking too pretty folks!!!  We debated and decided to “go for it” as the longer we stayed in Northern Virginia, multiple storms were headed that way. 


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Seven hours (normally about 4 1/2) later we reached our destination in Keeling.  It was a LONG white knuckle day of driving in pretty crappy weather.  The snow squalls kept getting bigger….and bigger….and started to stick.  Well, Journey does have 4 wheel drive………whew!!! We arrived as it was getting dark which is one of the things we’ve said we would never do – set up in the dark.  We had no choice.  It was frickin COLD……….I mean COLD and we were happy The Sandman was cooperating and all systems were working perfectly – Yayyy!!  We had food, drink, and heat…..what else could we ask for????  Maybe some much WARMER weather – LOL!!  Heading that way (south) but gotta get through some of this mess first.  


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 All these folks that love camping in the winter – forget it – 10 degrees is not what we call fun weather –LOL!!





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