January 19 - 22 Cottageville, South Carolina (near Charleston)

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Tiny Town RV Campground

The Sandman and Journey both looked pretty grimy after leaving Northern Virginia in the snow. We tried our luck for the second time to hang with the big boys at a Blue Beacon Truck Wash. Wow! What a difference…..after waiting for an hour, we were shinny and heading south again.




And the name sure does fit the place – LOL!! Not a huge place but many permanent residents. The neighbors we met were super nice and the place was as clean as a whistle.




Meet “Dirty Snowball”!! He’s the local campground cat. Awww poor kitty – it’s so COLD outside and he has no home……our neighbor feeds him and the cutest thing ever is when she takes her dog for a walk, Dirty Snowball goes along too!!! She’s been living here for a year and is trying to find a home for him. He’s a bit skittish and doesn’t want to go inside.



Can we just say that this winter camping is for the birds??? It’s still damn COLD…..

We had lunch with a friend of ours that Donna knew from her days stationed in Subic Bay in the Philippines – Lisa Gage Patrick and hubby Randall. This is the second time we’ve gotten to see them on our travels in the area. What fun catching up again!!!



Being we were SO close to Charleston again, we decided to venture out – bundled up – to explore the beautiful city. We had lunch at a neat Pub, walked through the City Marketplace, visited the Waterfront Pineapple Fountain, Rainbow Row, and called it a day.

Can we say again, this COLD weather sucks????

Still heading for warmer weather…………..stand by……………


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