March 1 – 5 Lake Charles (Moss Bluff), Louisiana

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Sam Houston Jones State Park

This area was completed devastated by Hurricane Laura in August of 2020. It was hit head on, and the park was gone. After two years of very hard work, dedication, and replanting 20,000 trees, it reopened Memorial weekend of 2022. The original park had several camping loops and many RV sites. Now there is one loop with 30 sites.


The park’s lagoon with surviving cypress trees is refilled with water from the nearby river.

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The hiking and nature trails are clear, and we enjoyed the River Trail. Bike riding is great in the park as there is very little traffic. We never did see any alligators (again) but there are warning signs posted everywhere. We did see lots of turtles, some huge!!!!




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Spring is in the air!! Flowers and………….mosquitos…Avon Skin So Soft to the rescue!!!

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Being in Bayou country (still), to get from “here to there”, the old draw bridges get you where you want to go – LOL!!!!


We took the opportunity to drive about 45 miles south to what used to be a thriving beach community known as Holly Beach. Now – after Hurricane Laura – there are no businesses – just the little community with an RV park right at the beach edge and lots of people living in RVs on their property, while they rebuild what was lost during the storm. But…….there was miles and miles of deserted beach which was perfect for picking up seashells…Yep – we gathered more – LOL!!! We fixed PB& and J swamiches in the truck to give us strength to gather more. It was a perfect beach day…….

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What in the world is that strange glow in the sky at 9:30pm????? After a bit of googling, we ascertained it was a “plant flare” near Baton Rouge. A routine effort to burn excess hydrocarbon gases in an environmentally-sound manner. Usually not visible during the day, at night, the orange glow in the sky is clearly visible.


“Stranger Things” episode was not playing out near us, nor was the alien turkey invasion come to end Thanksgiving. We are marked “Safe” from any weird happenings!!!

Saying so long to Louisiana!!!

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