April 23 – 27 Holland, Michigan

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Holland State Park – Lake Macatawa

Many months ago, as we planned out our trip north, Michigan was a bucket list for us. With all the traveling we’ve both done, we’ve never been to Michigan. Being as it is still April, we were just a tad bit concerned (in the back of our minds), that there might still be snow.




Nope……so here we are!!!!

And…..it’s sneezin season – LOL!! And April showers bring April flowers…of course it’s raining!!!!





The town of Holland, founded in 1847, is simply……charming…..with its vast Dutch heritage and culture, what’s not to love? The coastal town does not lack the gorgeous homes either!




We had NO idea the town was getting ready for its famous Tulip Festival, where tens of thousands of people transcend upon the area!! As we maneuvered Journey and The Sandman through the narrow streets of Holland to the state park, we were greeted with thousands of tulips, tulip trees, and daffodils everywhere. OMG!! Every color of the rainbow – in front of every building, corner square, and most homes. Simply breathtaking!!!


Tulips-0138 MKTulips-0138 MK Tulips-0165 MKTulips-0165 MK

Just down the street from the campground – which faces Lake Macatawa, is “Big Red” – the Holland Harbor Lighthouse. It sits at the entrance channel from Lake Michigan, sitting tall for almost 100 years. Across Lake Michigan, we could see a massive thunderstorm building, so our visit was cut just a bit short – just in time – the heavens opened – the lightning strikes, and the thunder rolled under our feet. The surfers and wind surfers made double time heading to their vehicles!!!


BigRed Light-1705 MKBigRed Light-1705 MK BigRed Light-0212 MKBigRed Light-0212 MK


Windmill Island Gardens - home to rows and rows and rows of gorgeous tulips. It is also home to the only authentic working Dutch Windmill in the US. The De Zwaan (Graceful Bird or The Swan) – what a beauty! Never in our lives did we think we would ever tour a REAL working Windmill. Damn was that cool…..it was brought to the US in 1964. The Gardens are also home to an antique Dutch carousel, and organ. Saugatuck – a nearby small charming coastal town, offers up some cute shops and restaurants – and some GORGEOUS homes!


FB_IMG_1714064936788FB_IMG_1714064936788 Tulips-0036 MKTulips-0036 MK PXL_20240424_163728879PXL_20240424_163728879 IMG_0686IMG_0686

In this part of the world, there are some of the most stunning homes we’ve ever seen. We used to think California had some McMansions, but these homes here??? One right after the other is unbelievably jaw dropping……


IMG_0667IMG_0667 IMG_0688IMG_0688

We can see what the draw is for people to live here but……………….burrrrr – it’s been a bit chilly – and that wind!! That wind has a real BITE to it – LOL!! Right off Lake Michigan.

We’ll take the wind over snow though……


Tulips-0242 MKTulips-0242 MK Tulips-0382 MKTulips-0382 MK Tulips-0355 MKTulips-0355 MK Tulips-0334 MKTulips-0334 MK Tulips-0165 MKTulips-0165 MK Tulips-0246 MKTulips-0246 MK






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