September 21 – 25 Currituck Sound, Coinjock, North Carolina

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KOA Outer Banks West

Alas…..we are near the most magical place we’ve ever been……Our most favorite place in the entire world.

Across the “Sound” from the Outer Banks, lies one of many inlets – this one called Currituck Sound. Beautiful beach homes of every style and size. Unlike the Outer Banks, the people here appear to be year-round residents versus rentals that you see up and down the Outer Banks.

We have been looking forward to good OBX seafood. On the recommendation of the KOA staff, we headed to the nearest Marina the first night after we arrived. Oi vey – we LOVED our dinner of Broiled Flounder. Another diet coming after we’ve left this area in a few weeks – LOL!!

The KOA is at the VERY northern tip of the Sound. A very nice place and staff! We opted for a site on the inside loop facing the water. The other sites nearest the water are back-in and the way our Airstream is configured, we like what we picked. At this point, we’re VERY glad we picked what we did! Because……………Of Tropical Storm Ophelia!!!!!!!! Why must you ruin the first part of our trip to the area? We haven’t been here in a bit over 20 years…. and…..we’re finally here……and so are you!!!!




Is it going to flood? Should we leave or should we stay????? Is it going to turn into a Hurricane or remain a Tropical Storm??? Hum – what to do??? Closely watching ALL the news, and talking to the KOA staff – who indicated that this particular area had NEVER flooded during a storm, we hunkered down and stayed put. For 24 hours we sustained 60-70 mile an hour winds, along with the pouring rain that accompanies a Tropical Storm…..The Sandman was rocking and rolling all night long!!!!!



At last, she moved north – leaving us with puffy clouds and beautiful blue skies including a rainbow, Whew!!

I mean – we love adventures but………….there is a limit – LOL!!!



Why yes – there are Wild Spanish Mustang horses not too far from us!! We could have driven our truck but not knowing the beach condition after the storm, we opted to go on a 4WD tour.

Oh my lord – what a magical sight to see!! There just are no words to describe the beauty of what we saw…..

To get to the horses, there are no paved roads. You must have 4WD because you have to drive on the beach to get there. And get this? There are 2 small communities of homes (big – huge) on this 12-mile strip of land (just houses- no stores or anything else). Although they do have a fire department. The roads – if you can call them that are all sand. Not for us, even though we did love living near the beach in California….

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