September 18 - 21 Hollister, North Carolina

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Medoc Mountain State Park

It seems we’ve traversed all over the state!  What’s interesting to us is each part of NC that we’ve visited, is SO different – from the terrain to the people!!



As we’ve mentioned before, there are times we find hidden gems to stay at, that are known to locals, but not necessarily to those traveling through the area.  Medoc Mountain is one of those places.  So nice, quiet, and beautiful….very few peeps there.



The weather was scrumptious – windows open and lots of good sleeping nights!!!  Very dark skies at night.  Sitting by the fire the first night, we saw a falling star.  How cool – one of our favorite things to do when the skies cooperate!  We also saw many satellites every night, one after the other go by.  Love it!!

We did several hikes located on the campground property.  This was the first time we both spotted a BIG snake at the same time.  Donna – who loves snakes (NOT) made a beeline to continue down the trail, Mike close behind.  Nope – no picture – definitely wasn’t stopping or going back to get one – LOL!!!

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Okay – who or what stole Mike’s shower shoe?  How in the world does this happen in the middle of nowhere?  Shower shoes are left at the door to dry off after using the local facilities.  He went back outside to do something, reached for his shoes and…………… was gone.  Hum….was it Big Foot?  Was it a kid playing a joke?  We looked all over and well….it was just gone.


Sitting by the fire - sky watching, Mike sees a shadow of “something” walking thru the woods behind our site.  Quick!!  Get that flashlight!!!  We see a dog going through the woods.  We didn’t think anything of it.  We thought maybe one of the dogs camping near us had gotten off the leash.  Never saw it again that night.



Morning comes and the other (1 shoe that we had left outside hoping its mate would mysteriously appear) shoe was gone!  Well damn…..after looking around we found one shoe – something had chewed it like a toy.  Shortly after that we see a hound dog running through the woods.  She was skinny and obviously hungry.  Gave her some food/water but she wasn’t going to get near us.  She seemed friendly but scared. 

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The Ranger came through on many of his morning drive checks.  He was very aware of the dog as many others had reported seeing her over the past several weeks.  Sad….seems as if maybe she was a hunting dog that didn’t quite have what her owners were looking for, so they dumped her.  The Ranger said it happens a lot……they have a list a mile long for people that want to adopt her – if they can catch her – which they’ve tried several times.  We hope the best for her!!!




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