April 2-5 Bismarck Arkansas

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DeGray Lake Resort State Park

Wow – this place was just Wow – HUGE – and had every amenity you can think of (except

laundry). We had a super nice site that backed up to the woods and had a clear few of the

lake from the front. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t the best while we were there. We

kept a close eye on things as massive storms were due to roll through our area. The night

we arrived a huge thunderstorm rolled through – which was the start of things to come.

DeGray-01DeGray-01 DeGray-02DeGray-02 DeGray-03DeGray-03

The next day was cloudy – a bit chilly – and again a chance for storms. We took a chance on

the forecast which was clear for the day and headed off to Hot Springs.

We first visited the famous Anthony Chapel and the Garvan Woodland Gardens. Pictures

don’t do justice as to how truly beautiful the Chapel and the Gardens are!!

DeGray-05DeGray-05 Anthony Chapel (35) MKAnthony Chapel (35) MK DeGray-06DeGray-06 Anthony Chapel (11) MKAnthony Chapel (11) MK Anthony Chapel (52) MKAnthony Chapel (52) MK Anthony Chapel (79) MKAnthony Chapel (79) MK

Then we headed to the cute town of Hot Springs – had some lunch – enjoyed walking the streets and going

through the Hot Springs National Park. The National Park has done a wonderful job at

preserving the sites. 

The displays were exactly as it would look back in the day. It seems like this was the place to be seen and get healed by the water.

Hot SpringsHot Springs

Hot Springs (1) MKHot Springs (1) MK Hot Springs (19) MKHot Springs (19) MK Hot Springs (39) MKHot Springs (39) MK Hot Springs (44) MKHot Springs (44) MK
Prior to leaving, we drove up to the Hot Springs Mountain Tower that

has a 360 degree view of…………you name it…………everything!! Donna is not thrilled

about being that high up in an open tower but she did it 


And then………….here come the storms again. This time the Park Ranger came around to

every camp site making sure we knew where the safe shelter was and that we were

prepared should we need to evacuate as the tornado watch was looming over us. We were

as prepared as we could be. Phones dialed in to the weather channel with alerts popping

off every few minutes. The HAM radio tuned into the local weather. We listened to the

thunder for hours – watching the lightning all around us. The rain sounds pretty cool from

inside our Airstream!!!


We delayed our departure the morning we left as it was pouring rain with lots of lighting and thunder it was best to let

this set of storms go by before we broke camp. We waited for a small break but alas it

didn’t last very long. We broke camp in the rain – drove to our next destination in the rain –

set up in the rain – and both of us looked like drowned rats by the time it was all said and

done – LOL!! But………….we arrived safe and sound!!



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