April 5-8 Pine Bluff Arkansas

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Willow Beach Army Corp of Engineers Campground – Terry Lock and Dam

After Mike’s white-knuckle drive in the rain and tons of construction on the highway, we

were glad our drive from the previous park wasn’t a long one. After setting up in the rain,

we were both ready to partake in an adult beverage.  We both had a good sleep!! We

had a very nice site with the water behind us and in front of us across the main road.

willow-01willow-01 willow-02willow-02 willow-03willow-03

We took off the next day for Little Rock to visit a few places that were suggested. Not the

best of site seeing we’ll admit. We poked around the River Market District downtown for a

short time. The weather was cloudy, windy, and cold so we didn’t walk the River Trail which

we were looking forward to…..next time…..We drove to the “Big Dam Bridge” which is the

longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in the US.

We stumbled upon the area in Little Rock that had been hit by the most recent tornado.

Just devastating to see…..and we thanked our lucky stars because that was the tornado

that missed us!!


As we were driving back to our campsite, we noticed a Bass Pro Shop – hey let’s go!

Neither of us had been to one before – what fun!

At the end of our day, we were treated to a wonderful sunset. willow-04willow-04



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