September 11 – 18 Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

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Hagan-Stone Park

We enjoyed a beautiful drive through the back roads of North Carolina to a nice, quaint, quiet County Park.  A bit off the beaten path and the kind of place we love!  A couple of nice ponds that greet you upon your arrival, with several locals trying their luck at catching something….

Sandman in Hagan Stone Park MKSandman in Hagan Stone Park MK


The skies were extra dark at night, and we were lucky enough to see the ISS pass right over head one night.  We tried our best to catch a look at a falling star, but no luck this time….



We met some nice neighbors including another Airstream couple that lived not too far away.  They have family in the area and use the park quite often to stay while they visit.  While conversing with them, we discussed small issues each of us had with little nitnoi things on our Airstreams.  We had noticed our solar was not charging as it should be.  They had experienced the same thing and showed us what they did to fix theirs.  Voila!  2 of the 3 plugs used to recharge the solar, had wiggled loose over time.  All fixed!!!  Yayyy!!

Mike was able to catch up with two of his Navy buddies from the USS Peterson, who discovered we were in the area.  They hadn’t seen each other since 1980!! They came over to see our home on wheels then off to dinner we went to catch up on old times for a few more hours.



A longtime friend Kurt drove a bit over an hour to come see our home on wheels and swap stories.  We saw him last year; he lives near where we bought our truck.  Off we went to a local Mexican place to catch up on more stories.



Our camping neighbors mentioned the North Carolina Zoo was a “must see” so off we went to explore it.  It was a bit of a drive, but it gave us another chance to see more green countryside!  We spent the entire day traversing through the most beautiful zoo we’ve ever been in.  Inexpensive to enter – free parking – food meh – but we did get 5 miles on our trek!!!

NC Zoo (944) MKNC Zoo (944) MK NC Zoo (873) MKNC Zoo (873) MK NC Zoo (813) MKNC Zoo (813) MK NC Zoo (717) MKNC Zoo (717) MK NC Zoo (747) MKNC Zoo (747) MK NC Zoo (801) MKNC Zoo (801) MK NC Zoo (650) MKNC Zoo (650) MK NC Zoo (586) MKNC Zoo (586) MK NC Zoo (527) MKNC Zoo (527) MK NC Zoo (300) MKNC Zoo (300) MK IMG-3703IMG-3703 NC Zoo (926) MKNC Zoo (926) MK


It was a great week and very relaxing!!!


NC Zoo (1298) MKNC Zoo (1298) MK





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