February 12 - 16 Spanish Fort, Alabama (near Mobile)

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Meaher State Park

Que up Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Sweet Home Alabama “ – okay good – now it’s in your head –


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With recommendations to camp here, well….here we are….surrounded by bays, wetlands, marshes, bridges, bayous, rivers, barrier islands, birds of all kinds, and…..alligators!!! Yep – we FINALLY saw alligators in the wild – LOL!!!

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It’s a beautiful state park with a beautiful setting and gorgeous sunsets!!

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We stepped back in time when we visited the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.

Within the park along with the USS Alabama is the USS Drum, a submarine also from the WWII era. A job well done with this park as there are over 30 historic planes, military vehicles, and several memorials outside. Including a Bald Eagle sitting on the yard arm of the Battleship.

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A day trip to the gulf coast of Alabama through Gulf State Park to Orange Beach (Gulf of Mexico) didn’t disappoint. Such white – I mean really blinding white sand. The route we took – took us through a bunch of really nice towns – Daphne (the closest to our campground), Fairhope, and Foley (a bit inland).




A stop in Foley on the way to Orange Beach was important to Mike as he had discovered that the Bridge Bell from one of the ships he was stationed on while in the Navy – the USS Peterson – had been dedicated to the town and was in front of the town hall office. After asking someone at the Welcome Center, we finally found it – Yayyy!!!!


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A fun and THE most interesting thing we’ve ever seen on our travels was in a little town called Elberta – at Barbers Marina. Off we go to find the “Lady in the Lake” (also called Lady in the Bay). She kinda speaks for herself – LOL!! She’s made of fiberglass and there are many interesting facts if you google it.


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On our way back from Lady in the Lake, we stopped at a place called Lamberts Café in Foley for Linner (lunch/dinner). It came highly recommended, and it’s known as the home of “Throwed Rolls”. Good down-home cooking with HUGE portions and yep – they actually throw a fresh baked – HUGE roll at you – when you raise your hand – LOL!!! The walls are covered with – well – you name it – license plates, flags, stickers, etc. Your drink is served in the BIGGEST thing we’ve ever seen……..no need for a refill LOL……..



We met several camper kitties at the park. One and his owner sat with us to watch the sun set one night. The other was a few sites down from us (another Airstream) and she was just gorgeous…..

Sunset-028 MKSunset-028 MK


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