February 7 - 12 Milton, Florida (just outside of Pensacola)

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Avalon Landing RV Park

Wouldn’t ya know – that (according to the news) the Panhandle of Florida is having its “cloudiest” winter in 80 years!!!  We just can’t catch a break with this coolish, gloomy, rainy, sprinkling weather – geez louise……off and on….off and on…..we’ve dodged the rain to explore the area.

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Have you ever driven through Texas?  Have you ever heard that Texas takes a couple of days to drive through and depending on what route you take, there is NOTHING to see???  THAT….is the Panhandle of Florida – LOL!!!  From Tallahassee to Pensacola…booorrrriiinnnggg!!!

The RV Park we landed at was super nice.  Nice wide/long sites – easy in and out.  We like that – LOL!!!  We spotted another Airstream across the private canal within the park and did the neighborly thing and stopped by to say Hey.

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The day after we arrived, the weather was iffy.  We took off for Navarre and Pensacola Beach to explore anyway.  Driving through the Gulf Islands National Seashore, we had flashbacks of being in the Outer Banks (OBX).  The similarities were stunning.  Sand dunes, sea grass, and white pristine beaches!!  The sun poked in and out all day but sunny enough to take a walk on the beach to look for treasures…..Lunch at a local recommended place was in order and it was yummy!! We saw lots of funky houses amongst the usual beach houses on stilts by the ocean. 



IMG_0259IMG_0259 IMG_0258IMG_0258 pColaBeach (50) MKpColaBeach (50) MK

Fort Pickens is at the very tip of the small barrier island, so with fully tummies, off we went to explore the Fort.  In 1816, the US began constructing Third System forts along its coastline to protect important waterways and seaports.  Five years later, the government began fortifying areas along Florida’s 3500 mile seaboard.  Pensacola Bay was one such area. 

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If you’ve never been to the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, it’s a must see.  We’ve been to 100’s of museums of all kinds, and this one without a doubt is THE best and it’s free!!!

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Navy Air muesum (73) MKNavy Air muesum (73) MK

We had lunch at the Cubi Bar Café – a very special place in Donna’s heart.  It’s a fully built replica of the bar that was at the NAS Cubi Point Officers Club (located at the edge of Naval Base Subic Bay) in the Philippines when she lived there.  The base closed in 1992.  The vast collection of squadron memorabilia displayed in the Cubi Point Officers’ Club was shipped to the museum and now forms the décor of the Café, which opened in 1996 as the museum’s restaurant.  

image000000cimage000000c IMG_0274IMG_0274  



Donna’s Dad, RAdm. Doniphan Shelton, throughout his career, was a consistent contributor to the museum.  We found 2 plaques displaying his name. 

IMG_0269IMG_0269 IMG_0268IMG_0268 IMG_0272IMG_0272  

And let’s not forget yet another Lighthouse – love them – Pensacola Lighthouse is no exception.  Keep that light shining!!!

Light House (9) MKLight House (9) MK

Marti Gras you say???  We’ve never been to a REAL Marti Gras parade or celebration.  Guess what?  Pensacola celebrates it big time!!!  Even in the rain……………….we had SO MANY beads, we could hardly carry them – oh and they throw out Moon Pies too – who knew???  And…they are Donna’s favorite snack – LOL!!

Marti Gras (184) MKMarti Gras (184) MK Marti Gras (371) MKMarti Gras (371) MK Marti Gras (335) MKMarti Gras (335) MK Marti Gras (255) MKMarti Gras (255) MK Marti Gras (395) MKMarti Gras (395) MK Marti Gras (499) MKMarti Gras (499) MK Marti Gras (468) MKMarti Gras (468) MK  

Dodging raindrops once again, we took one last drive to the Gulf Islands National Seashore to walk the almost empty beaches to look for treasures.

Except for the crappy weather – again – Florida – what is up with this yucky weather???? – We had a great time…….

IMG_0261IMG_0261 wild-162 MKwild-162 MK pColaBeach (12) MKpColaBeach (12) MK Hawk (45) MKHawk (45) MK IMG_0263IMG_0263





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