April 11 – 15 Little Rock, Arkansas

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Maumelle COE (Army Corp of Engineers) Park

Sometimes on driving days, we like to stop for brunch, especially if it’s a long driving day through small towns and not many places to pull off once we get off main roads. Waffle House is our go to and we found one that had a pull through driveway – Yayyy!! It’s the little things ya know????




Thank you Arkansas for all the beautiful flowers – rain must have been good to you and provided us with an abundance of gorgeous colors along our way!!


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This park was beautiful – we picked the perfect site right on the Arkansas River with unobstructed views of the river. We enjoyed watching the barges go by and the people from the local yacht club tootle by in their beautiful boats!


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Waking up to beautiful sunrises was also a plus….along with the MANY geese squawking away at each other – LOL!!


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Last year we were in a different area of Arkansas camping and took a drive to the waterfront part of Little Rock. It was COLD so we didn’t stay very long – LOL!! This time however, the weather was scrumptious and we headed out for Little Rock again, to explore a little more.

We had lunch at a local Mexican place near the water. It’s still a little town that is trying to rebuild itself and keep going.




Pinnacle Mountain State Park was just minutes from us. After visiting the new Visitors Center to get information on hiking the mountain (West or East side), we ventured back the next day, armed with what we needed to make it to the top and back. Wowzer!!! It was a BEAST, but we made it – Yayyy!!! Sitting on top of the mountain with views forever – what could be better than that???? Then we had our PB & and J swammiches – LOL!!! We needed fuel to get back down this bad boy…


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The area is filled with gorgeous homes – one after the other. We commented to each other that some of them looked as if they should be in Colorado (the style). A great place…….


IMG_0600IMG_0600 Horses (208) MKHorses (208) MK



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