March 29 – April 11 Texarkana, Texas

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Rocky Point ACOE (Army Corp. of Engineers) Campground on Wright Patman Lake 

Don’t mess with Texas Y’all…


As we say goodbye to the Lone Star State! Journey has been waiting almost a month to get his front end fixed. You may remember from our earlier blog post at Martin Dies Jr. State Park – someone hit us in a parking lot. Off to the Dodge dealer in Texarkana he went. A week later we got him back – good as new! Yayyy!!! ….in the meantime, we had a rental car….which raised a lot of eyebrows and questions from other campers driving/walking by. Hum!!! Do you REALLY tow with THAT???



The weather here is very unpredictable. A beautiful sunny day can turn into massive thunderstorms on a dime. We had a couple nice sunny days which we took full advantage of. The park and the adjacent park (Piney Point) were perfect for getting some good exercise on our bikes – about 7 miles every ride.

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Birds-018 MKBirds-018 MK Birds-312 MKBirds-312 MK Birds-560 MKBirds-560 MK PXL_20240409_185603057PXL_20240409_185603057

Wind…….geez………it was crazy for a few days. Being right on the lake has its negatives – LOL!! Locals call it breezy. We call it a stiff wind~~~~~~

Texarkana gets its name from --- you guessed it - being in Texas and in Arkansas. We took a little drive to the historic district. Sadly, most of the town is shuttered with the exception of the post office, a few restaurants, and small businesses. It saddens us as we maneuver through some of these urban areas, to see things just falling apart and abandoned. To add some cheer to the town, there were many beautiful murals painted by locals.

IMG_0582IMG_0582 PXL_20240401_191529334PXL_20240401_191529334

IMG_0531IMG_0531 PXL_20240401_182629040.MPPXL_20240401_182629040.MP PXL_20240401_183056689.MPPXL_20240401_183056689.MP PXL_20240401_183431479.MPPXL_20240401_183431479.MP PXL_20240401_183549839.MPPXL_20240401_183549839.MP PXL_20240401_183833933PXL_20240401_183833933 PXL_20240401_184046688PXL_20240401_184046688 PXL_20240401_184252293PXL_20240401_184252293 PXL_20240401_184636229PXL_20240401_184636229 PXL_20240401_184818115PXL_20240401_184818115 PXL_20240401_185017285PXL_20240401_185017285 PXL_20240401_185200597PXL_20240401_185200597 PXL_20240401_185331360.MPPXL_20240401_185331360.MP PXL_20240401_185740506PXL_20240401_185740506 PXL_20240401_185757103PXL_20240401_185757103 PXL_20240401_190736748.MPPXL_20240401_190736748.MP PXL_20240401_192201649PXL_20240401_192201649 PXL_20240405_173313007.MPPXL_20240405_173313007.MP PXL_20240401_190918228.MPPXL_20240401_190918228.MP PXL_20240405_173047173.MPPXL_20240405_173047173.MP PXL_20240401_192500821PXL_20240401_192500821


Then……….it was THE day we planned our leg of the trip for…. April 8 th – the FULL SOLAR ECLIPSE!!! Okay clouds – you can go away any time now…..all we could do was keep our fingers crossed that the sky gods would come through for us…………….and they did………it was THE most remarkable, magical event we’ve ever seen in our lifetime.....

IMG_0552IMG_0552 IMG_0554IMG_0554

All morning as we walked the campground looking once again for the best viewing spot (there were several), the excitement was building. People were setting up chairs, testing their special eclipse glasses, and talking about where they came from to view this once in a lifetime event. Mike had bought a special lens filter and of course we had bought special eclipse shirts! We just couldn’t imagine missing out if the weather wasn’t going to cooperate. All week on the news, the weather report was iffy…predicting cloud cover. Fortunately for us, the clouds parted during the main event. We heard whooping, hollering and cheering all over the campgrounds.

IMG_0569IMG_0569 IMG_0555IMG_0555 PXL_20240408_174725684PXL_20240408_174725684

PXL_20240408_181907705PXL_20240408_181907705 PXL_20240408_182423004PXL_20240408_182423004 PXL_20240408_182444537PXL_20240408_182444537 Eclipse-055 aMKEclipse-055 aMK

Eclipse-052 aMKEclipse-052 aMK



Several hours after the eclipse ended, the storms arrived. All night the thunder boomed, and lighting struck all around the lake. We had a long sleepless night with our trailer rumbling with every crack of thunder.

Can’t beat those gorgeous sunsets and sitting around a campfire!!



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